Hi dear ones,

FROM the land of SCAMS and SCANDALS

I am writing this with greatest sadness that India has become the land of scams and scandals.

Why I am saying so?

If you are an Indian your question will make me laugh; if you are non-Indian then it will be shameful for me.

Every country, every nation has its share of scams and scandals then why I am so worried about INDIA !?


Ø       Its my country.

Ø       I feel cheated by the leaders I chose.

Ø       I feel disappointed that we failed to give nice and efficient system.

Ø       I feel image of my country is being damaged by these.

Ø       I feel with every scam and scandal, money we pay in taxes is used not for development but for severe criminal act as cheating the country.

Ø       I feel these scams and scandals are affecting the judiciary of my country in very wrong way.

Ø       I feel people of my country will lose confidence in government and the system.

Ø       I feel anger when I see bureaucrats and leaders are manipulating the system.

Ø       I feel there must be a system OR forum where I / anybody can call the leaders for open discussion.



when I think back I feel these are impossible things because we lack “ WILL “ to do things RIGHT.