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Hi dear ones,

I was reading a book on body language and how to interpret the gestures.

I am Indian,  and i find that the book mainly deals with the gestures in European or mostly from english speaking countries.

And the result can be seen in those countries or looking at people of those countries.

Now India or for that matter eastern countries evolved differently and gestures and behaviour of people and their reaction is very different from what is written .

though the authors  say that cultural differences can make things difficult in interpretation of the gestures, I still feel that study should be done on these countries also as eastern countries are playing major role in international platform on almost every sector.

Also, there is no doubt about it that the books on body language give altogether a different and somewhat confident approach to deal with people.

And thats the most important things of all to communicate with our fellow human beings.

hi dear ones,

i have titled this blog as international affairs 1 as if this is part of a long series of blogs but its not so or it can be so depending upon mu persuasion.

If i voice my opinion on some national or international issues/affairs in my blog then why should it be problem for my readers.

instead of telling me to stop voicing the issues , will it not be more healthy to argue with me positively or discuss the issue with me ?

contradiction is good but it must yield positive results and should be for good and advantageous for all involved.

i welcome all to opine on my blogs.

Hi dear ones,

Since past 4-5 months i was not able to post any new blog.


Because my id was blocked due to use of someones copyrighted material i used (foto) in my blog.

Now my problem is : how do i know which is good and which is bad for my blog.

generally this is what i do :

i chose a topic for blog, write about it and then to illustrate my point i search for relating photos,images or pictures.

now while picking something on such errand i stumbled upon this copyrighted pic and hence was not allowed to post anything until the matter was solved.

now it is solved and i will post again.