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Hi dear ones,

????????QUESTIONS ???????


Is standard of living of the common man is improved or its become more luxurious?

  • Why we see ads  of SALE in malls having luxurious items like electronic accessories, furniture, clothes etc etc and not in our nearby Kiranawala(grocery shop) or Bhajiwala(vegetable shop)?
  • Why we assume that the increase in fuel prices willl only increase the cost of grains, vegetables, and dairy product?
  • Why do we ask government to control their prices?
  • Why we do not assume that same fuel price hike is increasing rate of electronic goodies, clothes, furniture etc, etc.
  • Why we don’t ask government to decrease/control their prices?
  • Why are we getting the 3G technology late than ten years from rest of the countries?
  • Why in other countries ‘when something is owned by government it must be First Class” and in our country everything owned by government is sub-standard or low standard?
  • Why in our country where close to 40% population is young ,our youth icons are of old age?
  • Why our intelligent students, and knowledgeable tchnicians are referred to as SKILLED LABOUR ?
  • Why there is no agitation for farmers’s suicide, by our young brigade?
  • Why we like to break the rules? Why we drive rashly? Why we honk the horn in silence zone? Why we spit anywhere& everywhere we want?
  • Why we damage the public property?
  • Why we behave indecently in public places?
  • Why our young & dynamic students don’t opt for administrative services?
  • Why Air India and other Indian airlines are in loss?
  • Why in general all modes of government owned transportations in loss?
  • Why the roadways are not in good condition?
  • Why we don’t have toppest priority plans and infra for surplus elctricity production?
  • Why we can not eliminate the Naxal threat ?
  • Why we elect such politician who have not developed at least one model town/village/colony in his/her constituecy as an example ?
  • Why our politicians don’t have common agenda for development of our Nation?
  • Why we want permanent sit in United nations Security Council?
  • Why we are not investing more and more in research?
  • Why education in our country is costlier?
  • Why we don’t have Uniform Civil Code?
  •  Why we are not starting Economy based reservation instead of cast based?


  • Why we are not taking maor steps to eliminate poverty completely ? Why we don’t have a plan for to eradicate it completely?
  • Why powerful people in India think they are above law?
  • Why we can not increase the time of court and number of judges considering the no of cases pending in our court?
  • Why government hospital Doctors ask patient to come to their private clinics for completee recovery? 
  • Why our other games are shadowed by cricket?
  • Why our news channels make issue of non-issues?
  • Why our media thinks that they have RIGHT to decide right & Wrong?
  • Why our contemporary writers portray and emphasize in mentioning India as land of poverty, corruption, rule breakers, agitators, non hygienic, slum loving etc etc?




WHY ? WHY ?? WHY ??? WHY ???? WHY????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi dear ones,

Its been a very long time since I have posted anything. I was looking for something different to post. And suddenly this thought provoking thought popped up (which is a small questionnaire for me and us too).

We spend few minutes to few hours of our daily time surfing the internet, in anyway.

So what does it make us ? are we losing our Identity  OR creating our Identity ?

Are we trying to make our presence felt?

Are we addressing the social, cultural, economical,technological, environmental issues?

Are we : hiding from our problems OR looking for solutions to our problems?

This made me compile the following.


The term Netizen is a portmanteau of the English words internet and citizen. It is defined as an entity or person actively involved in online communities and a user of the internet, especially an avid one.Netizens are also commonly referred to as cybercitizens, which has the same meaning.

WE  physically live in one country but are in contact with much of the world via the global computer network the mighty INTERNET. Virtually we live next door to every other single Netizen (how smartly I made myself the netizen, sheer brilliance !! ) in the world. Geographical separation is replaced by existence in the same virtual space. We are interconnected Islands.

Social connections which never before were possible, or relatively hard to achieve, are now facilitated by the Net. Geography and time are no longer boundaries. Social limitations and conventions no longer prevent potential friendships or partnerships. In this manner Netizens are meeting other Netizens from far-away and close by that they might never have met without the Net.

Netizens make it a point to be helpful and friendly – if they

feel it to be worthwhile. Many Netizens feel they have an

obligation to be helpful and answer queries and followup on

discussions to put their opinion into the pot of opinions. Over a

period of time the voluntary contributions to the Net have built

it into a useful connection to other people around the world.

Responsibility of a NETIZEN:

THE Internet’s users, who use and know most about it, have a responsibility to ensure that it  is used constructively while also fostering free speech and open access And to help make the Net both an intellectual and a social resource.



In research for this topic the two themes which came up most often were mobility and global awareness.

The global citizens are more likely to travel often and live in different places. And for that matter speak more than one language. This is mobility.

The global citizens think beyond national boundaries and understand what’s going on in the rest of the world and their implications. This is linked to a growing feeling of caring about what happens in other places and feeling responsible towards other people, wherever they are. Global Citizens understand the need to tackle injustice and inequality, and having the desire and ability to work actively to do so.

IT is important to recognize we are not just citizens of our respective countries, but citizens in a larger global community. I feel, today’s world needs global citizens, the ones who think beyond themselves and believe in reaching out.

Now NETIZENS & GLOBAL CITIZEN hve these things in common:

Both have an understanding of how the world works economically, politically, socially, culturally, technologically and environmentally.

words of WISDOM:

Broaden your vision, yet narrow your focus. In a global environment, think globally and act locally.

problems can turn into action only by considering ecological, economic, and cultural differences of our local surroundings.

After said thus, I think I am really confused whether I have come up with the answers to my questions OR I have become more confused.

 Don’t Judge ME !!!