hi dear ones,

Be cautios, you are being watched by them, they will gather around you, theirs is very lesser demand !!!

The basic amenities –Food, Shelter, education, unemployment, health and judicial services to the people in the country have been paralyzed by the political leadership.

And this may be the one of the problems behind increasing number of beggars.


Associated with the problems of poverty and unemployment is the problem of beggary which is a social as well as Economic problem of great magnitude and grave concern in INDIA. Begging is a problem for all classes as well as for the masses!!!

It is common to find beggars at rubbish dumps, road sides, temples, traffic lights and under flyovers. As well as important monuments, railway stations, religious and spiritual sites, and shopping places.

The majority of beggars see it as a profitable and effortless and viable profession. Begging has been an accepted way of life in India. Giving alms (Daan) to the needy was built into the social fabric of India and is thought as a good cause/Deed (Punya) (since feeding/helping the poor & needy makes good way for heaven).

We need an effective plan to address this socio-economic issue and curb it (if not completely eliminate it). India as a nation needs to think for its begging population. With the nation aspiring to become world leader in every field; socio-economic measures are needed to curb the begging problem in India.