hi dear ones,

Its The most celebrated and desired season in India.

Yes, Its Rainy Season !!!!

Who doesnt like rain? I think from Kids to Oldies everybody love rain.

There is a story that tells the importance of  Rain.

Once a King asked how much is 27- 9 = ?

as expected all answered 18 !!!

But only King’s wisest of the Minister answered “0” (ZERO). Everybody laughed but King, he asked the minister HOW?

Wise Minister said ” O King, there are three seasons Summer, Winter and Rainy. Every season has 9 Nakshatra so in total there are 9.

If you minus Nine Nakshtra of rainy season from total 27 you will have chaos everywhere, no crops, no drinking water, no food.

Considering this I gave you my Answer 27 – 9 = 0.

So thats how important rain is for all of us.

Here are some happy faces.

Now that we are all wet and happy what is that we need most?