We Indians Like to speak endlessly about Films, Cricket and Politics.

Right from the time of independence India is facing trouble from its neighboring states like Pakistan(most of the times), China(worst)  and Bangladesh.

But we have made Kashmir, the issue of international level and we are used to raise the attention to this issue as if we dont have any other issues relating to borders.

Bangladesh is also a menace to India because its a constant source of illegal migrants into India.

Its a historical truth that whenever there is dense population of Muslims in any area that particular area or region becomes the source of the illegal and anti-national activities.

And its not true only for INDIA but its applicable to any country populating Muslim.

But Pakistan and Bangladesh are not real threats to India because in many ways they are similar to India and indian rituals because of common history and common ancestry.

The real threat to INDIA is from China.

China is a mean and very aggressive country with very dangerous ambitions. China has unethically occupied Tibet and sent the spiritual leader TheDalai Lama into exile. Also China illegally captured the soil of INDIA at border .

China is continuously using double standards for the nationals of INDIA.

China claims Indian states Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura as its part and this is a whitest LIE. But China treat the people of these states as Non-Indians and issues different VISAs for people of those states.

Also China is helping Extremist groups of these areas and other states  of India by supplying them MONEY and GUNS, AMMUNITION and Artillery.

This causing political unrest and instability in Many Indian states as these extremist groups are attacking ordinary people .

So in view of these things it is very Important for India and Indian Government to not neglect the ‘absolutely threatening and mean China’.

If INDIA continues to neglect increasing power and influence of China in bordering areas and its abetting to extremist groups then India will again face the horror of partition .

And History will laugh at INDIA for its foolish act and serious negligence of protecting her children and its sovereignty.