hi dear ones,

Corruption as a source of Employment !!

Corruption is as old as the system itself.

Corruption started as help then as favor and then exchange and now its a business and more than that its a source of employment to many of its practitioners.

Government offices are the main source of the Corruption then come Public and social sector and then Private sector.

now Let me make myself very clear that i am not in favor of corruption or want to encourage corruption , I just want to put a different view.

Corruption in any form is BAD !!!

With ever increasing population its not possible to give employment to every educated and eligible person.

so these persons find sources of income through back doors of the system where ‘money’ is the key.

people who are discouraged by the inefficiency and arrogance of the clerks/ officers and time consuming delays in the process of red tape use these back doors through these commission agents for faster work.

So in many departments there are people who have made friends with the officials and have made it their full time employment to help people or assist peopleĀ  via this ‘friendly channel’.

This help/assistance which charge some more money than necessary is known as CORRUPTION.

Now if people are getting help by spending some extra money and saving their time in queues in front of offices as well as agents earning some money is not wrong.

This is Corruption (so called) as a source of employment.