hi dear ones,

I have covered almost all vehicles but you can add more.

Types of Vehicles

18 wheeler aircraft carrier airplane
airship all terrain vehicle ambulance
ark armored car asphalt spreader
ATV autogiro automobile
baby carriage balloon barge
bathysphere battleship beach buggy
bicycle big rig biplane
blimp boat bobsled
bomber boxcar brougham
buckboard buggy bulldozer
bullet train bus cab
cabin cruiser cable car caboose
camel camper canal boat
canoe car caravan
cargo ship carriage cart
catamaran caterpillar tractor cement mixer
cement truck chair lift chariot
chopper circus wagon coach and four
coal car on train cog railroad combine
compact Concord Conestoga wagon
convertible coupe covered wagon
crane crop duster cruise ship
cycle delivery truck destroyer
diesel locomotive dinghy dining car on train
dirigible dirt bike dive bomber
dog cart dogsled donkey cart
dragster dray dugout
dump truck dune buggy earth mover
eighteen-wheeler electric train elephant
elevated railroad elevator escalator
express train ferry fighter
fire engine fireboat fishing boat
flatbed truck flatboat flatcar
flying boat foot scooter forklift
four-door sedan freight car freight train
freighter frigate front-end loader
funicular railroad galleon garbage truck
glider go-cart golf cart
gondola gyrocopter hand truck
handcar handcart hang glider
hansom cab harvester hatchback
hay wagon hearse helibus
helicopter hook and ladder horse and carriage
horse van horse-drawn cart horseback
hot air balloon hot rod houseboat
hover car hovercraft howdah
hydrofoil hydroplane ice boat
ice skates iceboat icebreaker
inline skates jeep jet pack
jet-propelled individual “jumpers” jetliner jumbo jet
kart kayak kite
land rover landau lawnmower
Lear jet lemon life raft
lifeboat limo limousine
litter livestock van llama
locomotive longboat man-of-war
microbus midget racer minesweeper
minibus minivan mobile home
monoplane monorail moped
motor home motor scooter motorboat
motorcycle mountain bike moving platform
moving van mule-drawn carat multipurpose vehicle
ocean liner off-road vehicle oil tanker
omnibus outrigger oxcart
pack-horse paddle wheeler pallet truck
panel truck parachutes passenger train
patrol car patrol wagon pedicab
pedicar pickup truck plow
police car pony express powerboat
prairie schooner push cart race car
racing sloop raft railroad coach
railroad Pullman rapid transit recreational vehicle
riverboat roadster rocket sled
rockets rocketship roller skates
rowboat sailboat sailplane
schooner scooter sea sled
seaplane seaplanes sedan chair
semitrailer ship shopping cart
side-wheeler skateboard skates
skiff skis sled
sledge sleeping car on train sleigh
slide snowmobile snowplow
snowshoes space shuttle space vehicles
spaceship speedboat sports car
spy plane squad car stagecoach
station wagon steam locomotive steam shovel
steam train steamboat steamroller
steamship stock car streetcar
stretcher stroller submarine
submersible subway supertanker
surfboard surrey swamp buggy
tank tanker taxi
taxicab ten-speed thresher
toboggan tow plane tow truck
town car tractor trailer trail bike
trailer train tram
trawler tricycle trolley car
truck tugboat turboprop
two-door sedan U-boat ultralight
unicycle van velocipede
wagon train walking water skis
water-ski sails wheelbarrow wheelchair
windjammer wrecker yacht
zamboni zeppelin