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when we look at someone some things we notice immediately; those are features.


Most Attractive Facial Features in Women
Here are some of the female facial features that men typically find attractive.

  • High Cheek Bones: It is a well known fact that men, especially those in the western part of the world, have an eye for women with high cheek bones and slightly inward i.e. concave cheeks. Examples of women with this particular facial feature include Cameron Diaz, Faye Dunaway, Lucy Liu and Keira Knightley, to name a few.
  • Eyes: Nothing strikes a man as hard as a woman’s beautiful eyes do. A pair of piercing blue eyes to go with long blonde hair makes for a killer combination indeed. At the same time, a pair of brown or hazel eyes has that typical element of warmth about it which instantly puts a man at ease and makes him comfortable.
  • Face Cut: If go by majority, then a slightly oval face is what is liked by most men. Yes, round faces with chubby cheeks do look good on certain women, but then these face types have a certain amount of childlike features to them. Long and thin faces, devoid of any face fat, are usually not among the most desired of face types, as far as men are concerned.
  • Other Facial Features: A delicate, feminine and narrow nose with a smooth bridge makes a woman look extremely pretty indeed. Contrary to popular belief, pencil-thin eyebrows are not exactly a big turn on for men. A pair of naturally-shaped, symmetric and well-maintained eyebrows is what gives a woman’s face that added element of beauty. Last but not the least, nothing works as well as a beautiful smile!

Most Attractive Facial Features in Men

  • Face Cut: Most of them chose a ‘slightly oval face which narrows towards the chin’ as the most attractive face type. Few were in favor of baby-faced cheeks, whereas none voted for long, thin faces.
  • Firm Nose: Almost everyone was of the opinion that a strong, firm nose gave the male face a strong sense of solidity and character. However, bent noses, asymmetrical nose bridges, or flat and wide noses were a strict no-no.
  • Strong Jaw: A strong jaw, it seems, ranked highly in my gal pals’ scheme of things. They believed that a well-defined jawline gives a certain chiseled look to a man’s face, making him look incredibly sexy and handsome. examples – Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig and Johnny Depp.
  • Eyes: Eyes too, happened to rank highly on the list of most attractive facial features in men. However, I must confess, there was quite a lot of inconsistency as far as eye color was concerned. Brown and black got the majority of votes, followed by different shades of blue. Also, names that were specifically mentioned included the likes of Pierce Brosnan and Leonardo Di Caprio.
  • Facial Hair: Now this facial feature too, had its fair share of thumbs ups and thumbs downs. Some women prefer clean-shaven men sans any facial hair, whereas for some the idea of a two-day stubble or a well-maintained goatee was a big turn on.