hi dear ones,

This is very outrageous to see misuse /misappropriation of public property.

Like water ; water is scarce these days.

there is great no. of population who can not get enough water to drink , people have to walk several kilometers for the  some liters of water.

And still there are some scoundrels who wash their cars with continuously flowing water from a thick tap.

there are people who use shower to wash themselves instead of bucket water.

people water their gardens two times a day where one time watering should suffice.

Also Street lights;

Dont know how respective authorities can forget to turn off the lights till noon .

then there are some great people who make street lights their target and and damage the lights by stoning them.


in marriages people will dance in the middle of streets blocking all the traffic.

and also dig holes in the streets for functions and forget to mend them.


people use gardens for all purposes like picnic, lover’s den, family planning.

all these people forget the cleanliness of their surrounding , they just want to enjoy , want to be happy,wish all the amenities and luxuries.


they do not want the responsibility to keep public place clean or do not refrain themselves from misusing the public property.

There should be a competent authority dedicated to these grievances only who can act independently and should be able to punish the culprits appropriately.