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There are may be other therapies also but i could lay my hands on these only.

Mental / Behavioral – Therapies that focus on what you think and do, and not so much on the expression of feelings.
Behavioral; Cognitive/RET; Solution Oriented Therapy. Reality Therapy

Psychoanalytic Therapies – Emphasis is on understanding and working with the unconscious mind.
Psychoanalysis, Psychodynamic Therapy

Humanistic therapies – These therapies focus on the whole person.
Person centered; Voice Dialogue; Gestalt; Transactional Analysis; Jungian; Self-Relations

Expressive Therapies – This can be thought of as a sub-category of humanistic therapies, in which emotional expression is seen as the key to healing in these therapies.
Art Therapy; Movement/Dance Therapy; Emotional Release Therapy; Psychodrama

Relaxation Based Therapies – These therapies have the component of relaxation as essential to healing.
Hypnotherapy; Biofeedback

Family Systems Therapy – Systems therapy focuses on the entire system, not just the individual.
Family Systems Therapy

Philosophy Based Therapies – These therapies are founded upon a certain life philosophy. In general, the philosophy is in place first; then compatible therapeutic techniques are added.
Existentialism; Feminist Therapy

Energy Therapies – These therapies focus on working psychologically with the body’s electro-magnetic energy field.
EMDR; Thought Field Therapy

Transpersonal – In regards to the four legged animal we mentioned earlier, therapists with this orientation address the spiritual leg.

Mind/Body Therapies – These therapies focus on the working with both the body and the mind, seeing the two as connected and affecting one another.