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Salsa has it’s base in areas of Cuba and Puerto Rico and Latin America. This partner dance is a very sensual form that is known for the flirtatious and lively steps. While dancing the salsa, the couples can even perform on one spot without traveling all over the floor. The dance steps of this very beautiful dance show many influences from other dances such as the Mambo, Changui, Palo, Rumba etc. There are many other various forms of the Salsa such as the Cuban style, New York style, Colombian style and the Los Angeles style.


This type of dance requires the partners to be together in a close position. The steps are often in circular movements or away from each other in a sideway fashion. There are many intricate steps to this dance. The various handholds are an indication of the same.


This is a romantic style of dance that finds its origins in the Dominican Republic. The Bachata is on the similar lines of the Merengue.


Sexy and stylish, Lambada is a Brazilian dance that is performed in partners or even groups. This dance was particularly in the limelight because of the famous track ‘Lambada’ by a music group, ‘Kaoma’.


This is a style of dance that also refers to a type of music. The Polka is a fast dance, which is also present in various styles.


The Hustle is performed as a Ballroom dance and is very popular in the nightclubs as well. The Hustle was particularly popular due to the movie, ‘Saturday Night Fever’ where one could notice two types of this dance form.

Swing Dance:

The Swing dance style originated in the 1920s – 1930s. There are many versions of the Swing dance such as the Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Boogie Woogie, West Coast Swing, Rock and Roll etc. Rock ‘n’ Roll is a very sporty form of dance that is extremely popular as well. Boogie Woogie is another dance style that is seen mainly in Europe. This dance is also seen in competitions.

Ballet Dance:
The Ballet dance is a very beautiful form of dance with a formal look. This dance was developed in France and Russia. There are many ballet schools around the world that teach all about the various technical terminologies in relation to classical ballet. The classical Ballet is the most formal style of ballet. Apart from this, there is the Neoclassical ballet and Contemporary Ballet.


Michael Jackson popularized Breakdance to a huge extent. Breakdance is actually a form of street dance that was a part of the hip-hop culture. The many movies based on Breakdance have also been an indication of its popularity. Breakdance is relatively a male dominated type of dance style. This type of dance is characterized with the typical ‘battles’ between groups. The ‘Downrock’ and the ‘Freeze’ are some of the typical forms of Breakdance. The various clothing styles used while performing Breakdance is a distinctive part of this form of dance.

Hip Hop Dance:

This style is actually a street dance style and is a combination of dance moves combined with loads of attitude as well as colorful dancewear. In the early days, this style was generally seen in breaking and from there on, one could witness many innovations in this dance style. There are various other styles used with hip-hop dance, which includes popping and locking. The hip-hop outfits have to be selected with care, which helps to add to the overall appeal of the dance form.

Step Dance:

This category includes dances that make use of footwork. These types of dances generally require one to have a rigid stance with more movement of the feet. Step dances are basically social dances. A good example of this dance would be the Irish dance.

Tap Dance:

Tap dance is an extremely popular form of dance. Here the emphasis is on the movements of the feet and steps that create a tapping sound. This dance finds its origins in the United States. The tapping sound is due to the presence of metal plates on the soles of the shoes.

Flamenco Dance:

The Flamenco dance and music is very much a major part of the culture of Spain. The beautiful songs play a major role for this type of dance style. This beautiful style is also particularly noticeable due to the gorgeous costumes. The music always includes the Flamenco guitar.


This dance style is one of the main dances in Portugal. It involves the tapping of the feet and quick changes of the position. This is a folk dance, which has its origins in Southern Spain. However, there are many theories about the origins of the same.

Jazz Dance:

Jazz dance finds its origins in the African American culture. From the olden days till date, there are many influences that have added a variety to this dance form. One can see many overlapping of steps in Jazz dance, which are similar to various other styles. The common steps in Jazz dance are the ball change, the pivot step, the toe rise, the pirouettes, Jazz walk etc. Jazz dance is basically an energetic form that is equally graceful like other dances. This type of dance can also incorporate various styles.

Folk Dance:
Folk dances are always performed in groups at social events. This does not mean the dancers need to be professionally trained. A folk dance can be attempted by all types of common folk. Every country and region has its own unique style of folk dance. There are various forms of folk dances one can see all over the world. From the energetic Indian folk dances to the Scottish Country dances, folk dances have their own beauty and charm.

Modern Dance:
Modern dance involves the use of many dance steps that are unusual and often interpret a dancers emotions and moods. The dancer in this case typically performs on bare feet. In Modern dance, it’s not only the choreography that speaks about the emotions to be conveyed. The lighting, costumes and props are used with great creativity to create interesting and unusual dance sequences.

Country/Western Dances:
These types of dances are performed on country music. These social dances follow the typical pattern where the male leads in the dance and the partner follows. Therefore, this dance style includes both, the partner as well as the group dances. The country/western dances, which are partner based, include the Two Step, Waltz, Polka, Cotton Eyed Joe etc. The group dances include the Line dance, the Square dance, traditional Square dance, modern Western square dance etc.

Contra Dance:

This dance is a form of folk dancing. Here, the couples have to dance in two lines. These couples also have to face each other. There are various sequences, which couples need to perform. This social dance is a very fun form and also very easy to learn.

Belly Dance:

There are many theories about the origins of this form of dance. Some say this dance originated in ancient Upper Egypt were as few say its basics were developed in Uzbekistan and then were passed on to India. Belly dance is more particularly danced in nightclubs and is now also emerging as a new way to remain fit, especially for the ladies! The basic steps involve the use of circular movements by the hips with a shimmy for the shoulders. Belly dancing would require one to be really flexible. The costumes are rather bold for the ladies. This is often combined wit