hi dear ones,

When we talk about weather we use words to describe it . but there are these many words even i didnt know.

you will also wonder.

168 types of Weather words/terms

acid rain aftershock air pollution
arctic wind atomic dust avalanche
ball lightning balmy beastly
bitter brisk black ice blizzard
blue skies bluster bolt of lightning
breeze brisk calm
chill chinook wind clear sky
cloudburst cloudless clouds
cloudy sky cold front cold spell
cold wave comet continuous drizzle
continuous rain continuous snow cool
cyclone damp dark
deluge dew downpour
draft drizzle drought
dry dust devil dust storm
earthquake eclipse electrical storm
erosion eruption eye of hurricane
fair fall falling star
flash flood fog freeze
freezing point freezing rain frigid
frost gale gulf stream
gust hail shower hailstones
haze heat wave heavy driving snow
heavy thunderstorm hot spell howling wind
humid humidity hurricane
ice crystals ice storm Indian summer
intermittent drizzle intermittent rain intermittent snow
landslide lava lightning
lunar eclipse meteor shower meteorite strike
midnight sun mild mist
monsoon moon phases moonlight
mud slide muggy nor’easter
nor’wester ocean currents overcast sky
pea soup pollution quake
rain shower rain squall rainbow
rainfall rainstorm rainy Saturdays
riptide runoff sandstorm
sea breeze shade sheet lightning
shower sleet slight driving snow
slush smog smoke
snow flurries snow shower snowflake
snowslide snowstorm solar corona
solar eclipse solar halo spring sunshine
sprinkles squall storm clouds
sultry summer sun spots
sunburst sunny sunshine
swelter temperate tempest
thunder thunderbolt thunderclap
thunderhead thundershower thunderstorm
tidal changes tidal wave tornado
torrential rain total eclipse tropical storm
tsunami twister typhoon
undertow volcanic eruption volcano
warm front waterspout whirlpool
whirlwind whiteout wind
windstorm winter zephyr