hi dear ones,

Fobia: Fear of something.

This “something” can be anything from darkness, water, fire, shapes, animals, space, natural , supernatural,artificial etc.

Here are few Fobias. Fobia is Curable


acrophobia–fear of heights aerophobia–fear of drafts of fresh air
agoraphobia–fear of crowds, open places agyrophobia–fear of crossing the street
ailurophobia–fear of cats algophobia–fear of pain
amathophobia–fear of dust amaxophobia–fear of boarding a street car
anastophobia–fear of kissing androphobia–fear of men
ansatrophobia–fear of kissing anthophobia–fear of flowers
anthrophobia–fear of society apiphobia–fear of bees
arachaphobia–fear of spiders astrophobia–lightning, thunderstorms
autophobia–fear of loneliness bacteriophobia–fear of germs
bathophobia–fear of deep places batophobia–fear of passing high objects
brontophobia–fear of thunder chionophobia–fear of being snowbound
chrometophobia–fear of money chromophobia–fear of stains
chronophobia–fear of clocks cinophobia–fear of going to bed
claustrophobia–fear of close places clinophobia–fear of beds
cremnophobia–fear of precipices cryophobia–fear of cold
cynophobia–fear of dogs doraphobia–fear of fur
doraphobia–fear of touching hair or skin of animal dromophobia–fear of crossing streets
eisoptrophobia–fear of mirrors eleutherophobia–fear of freedom
emetophobia–fear of vomiting entomophobia–fear of insects
eremiophobia–fear of being alone ergophobia–fear of work
erythrophobia–fear of blushing and the color red Francophobia–fear of Frenchmen
galeophobia–fear of sharks gametophobia–fear of marriage
gephyrophobia–fear of crossing bridges gymnophobia–fear of nakedness
gymnophobia–fear of nudity gynephobia–fear of women
hagiophobia–fear of sacred things haptephobia–fear of being touched
harpaxophobia–fear of robbers hedonophobia–fear of pleasure
heliophobia–fear of exposure to the sun helminthophobia–fear of worms
hematophobia–fear of blood heresyphobia–fear of violating rules of religion
hippophobia–fear of horses hodophobia–fear of travel
hydrophobia–fear of water hypegiaphobia–fear of responsibility
hypnophobia–fear of sleep hypsophobia–fear of high places
ichthyophobia–fear of fish ideophobia–fear of ideas or reason
keraunophobia–fear of lightning lalophobia–fear of speaking, esp. in public
logophobia–fear of words lyssophobia–fear of hydrophobia
microphobia–fear of germs monophobia–fear of being alone
musophobia–fear of mice mysophobia–fear of dirt or contamination
mythophobia–fear of telling an untruth necrophobia–fear of dead bodies
neophobia–fear of new things nyctophobia–fear of night or darkness
ochlophobia–fear of crowds onomatophobia–fear of a name or particular word
ophiciophobia–fear of snakes ornithophobia–fear of birds
pathophobia–fear of disease pediculophobia–fear of infestation by lice
pediophobia–fear of infants or dolls pedophobia–fear of children
peniaphobia–fear of poverty pharmacophobia–fear of drugs
phasmophobia–fear of ghosts phobophobia–fear of being afraid
phonophobia–fear of noise photophobia–fear of light
pneumatophobia–fear of spirits pnigophobia–fear of choking
pyrophobia–fear of fire scotophobia–fear of dark
siderodromophobia–fear of trains sitophobia–fear of food
skokophobia–fear of spies tachophobia–fear of speed
tapephobia–fear of being buried alive taphephobia–fear of being buried alive
teratophobia–fear of monsters thalossophobia–fear of the sea
thanatophobia–fear of death thermophobia–fear of heat
tomophobia–fear of surgery topophobia–fear of a particular place
toxiphobia–fear of being poisoned toxiphobia–fear of poison or being poisoned
traiakaideaphobia–fear of number 13 traumatophobia–fear of injury in war or in operations
triskaidekaphobia–fear of number thirteen uranophobia–fear of going to Heaven
xenophobia–fear of strangers xerophobia–fear of dry places, esp. deserts
zoophobia–fear of animals