Everywhere we see all objects and things have some shape.

Even we describe sometimes, like ” Its round at the corner (?)”; “arc is more triangular than circular”.

So , we know many shapes by sight but by name rather ‘exact’ name very few.

So let us help ourselves.


acute angle arc arch
ball bell-shape block
bowl box brick
circle coil cone
crescent crook cross
cruciform cube curlicue
curve cylinder decagon
decahedron diamond disk
dodecagon dodecahedron dogleg
dome donut double helix
doughnut egg-shape elbow
ellipse ellipsoid equilateral triangle
funnel globe heart-shape
helix hemihedron hemisphere
heptagon hexagon hexagram
hexahedron key kidney
knot line loop
nonagon octagon octahedron
oval parallelepiped parallelogram
pear-shaped pentagon pentahedron
plane point polygon
polyhedron pretzel prism
pyramid quadrangle quadrilateral
rectangle rhombohedron rhomboid
rhombus right triangle ring
scroll semicircle shield
sphere spiral square
star straight line switchback
tear-shape tetrahedron trapezoid
triangle truncated cone truncated pyramid
tube turnip-shape wheel

Hope I have covered as many as we see in day-to-day life.

What say you?