Hi dear ones,

What is your hobby ?

My favorite  hobby is ” crashing my Computer and formatting it at least once a week”

But I would like to have  one of these……….


acting antique collecting aquarium building archery
art astronomy backpacking ballet
ballooning bird-watching board games boating
boxing building butterfly-collecting camping
cards carpentry carving ceramics
checkers chess clubs coin collecting
computers cooking crafts crocheting
dancing designing dramatics drying flowers
embroidery fabric painting fencing first aid
fishing flying folk dancing gardening
gourmet cooking ham radio handicrafts hang gliding
hiking horseback riding hunting ice-skating
in-line skating inventing investing jewelry making
jogging kite flying knitting languages
lapidary work macrame martial arts mask making
metalworking microscopy mobile making model airplanes
model cars model construction model trains mountain climbing
music nature studies origami painting
paper flower making papier-mache pets photography
pottery puppetry puzzles quilting
reading riding roller-blading roller-skating
running science scouting scuba diving
sculpturing sewing shell carving shortwave radio
singing skateboarding skin diving sledding
snorkeling spelunking sports stamp collecting
stenciling stock speculating surfing tatting
taxidermy terrarium building tie-dyeing toymaking
traveling weaving weight lifting whittling
windsurfing woodworking writing BLOGGING