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World’s Top 10 Most Disgusting Drinks

What drinks are not only invented the inhabitants of the planet! Alcoholic and nonalcoholic exotics can sometimes surprise, amaze and even shock the Europeans no less than the infamous Thai fried cockroaches or Paraguayan stuffed rats. Introducing the top-10 most heinous beverage world.

01 Blood snake

It turns out, feast on the blood of love, not just vampires. Natural fresh just extracted blood snakes you will be offered on the island of Java as an exquisite treat. Incidentally, this disgusting drink and headed the rating of the most horrific of exotic dishes of the world. To impressionable tourists can dilute the blood strong alcohol. Why drink it? Locals say that such swill gives men power.

02 Kopi Luwak

This world’s most expensive type of coffee made from excrement. Indonesian animals – palm civet like to eat coffee beans. However, in their stomach so hard food is not digested, but is enriched by special enzymes. Thanks to these coffee from these beans can be a particular refined taste, so esteemed by gourmets. About where they visited the grain before you get to your kitchen, it is better not to think.

03 Cynar

Spicy bitter-sweet smell of dirty laundry gray-green Italian liqueur tsinar able to taste only amateurs acute culinary sensations. It is prepared in very limited quantities of more than a dozen different herbs, and insists on the artichokes. If you already have ventured to try a strange cloudy liquid, then know that use it made of ice before a meal – an appetizer, and a smoked sausage of pork.

04 Wine with mice

This is probably the most shocking souvenir, which only can be brought from South-East Asia. It is guaranteed to cause vomiting in any European. The fact is that in Korea and China, rice wine made to insist on two-, three-day mice. The tiny little corpses floating in bottles like zaspirtovannym exhibits Kunstkammer – not a sight for the faint of heart. It can last a lifetime recapture the desire for alcohol.
05 Jagermeister

No accounting for tastes, but opinion on the German representative of the family of bitter liqueurs-beater completely opposite. Some consider it a perfect aperitif, while others remember the annoyingly-bitter taste. “Egermayster” is made from more than 50 different herbs, but the most unpleasant and unacceptable to many flavors creates licorice. In the meantime, this original liqueur was invented as a medicine for improving digestion.

06 Koumiss

Most people are comfortable with the cow’s milk, but when it comes to mare’s milk, many frown. Indeed, it usually has a characteristic odor. Sour-sweet frothy fermented drink from it – mare’s milk – even if devoid of this shortcoming, but also like not everyone. But kumiss koumiss discord: it can make a very strong, with the alcohol content, it will fell like a very stiff vodka, but can, however, make a light, refreshing, helps get rid of the hangover.

07 Chicha

Latin American chicha, known since the time of the Incas – one is usually difficult for the foreigners fermented beverage. Most of this murky liquid light straw color is made from maize or cassava, but in some regions of the word call any drinks from fermenting grain or fruit. On the palate, it resembles a very concentrated apple cider, leaving a strong and many are not pleasing sour aftertaste. But do not exclude themselves not to drink Chichua never in my life! Try “chicha Morada. Purple beverage that is brewed from corn with pineapple peel, cinnamon and cloves, is not fermented, but then mixed with sugar and lemon. Maybe its taste will delight you.

08 Kvass

“What could be better than a cold drink kvas a hot summer day!” – Many people think of us. However, foreigners are often mentioned by the drink are among the most heinous, and the Internet can be found chilling stories as “those dreadful Russian” Western man tried to drink something nasty, sour, cloudy, and even worse – to feed the flooded kvas salad, for some reason referred to as a cold soup hash.
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09 Unicum

In addition to strings of peppers and a good wine, one of the most popular souvenir from Hungary is considered to be liquor-didzhestiv Unicum, which makes for a secret formula from more than 40 different herbs. It is sold in a beautiful round bottle of greenish glass, decorated with a golden cross on a red background. It seems that the only function of the Hungarian liqueur – a decoration of the bar, because it is impossible to drink! Of course, you can try to add it to cocktails, but even there his “medicinal” taste will be quite bright and can spoil everything.

10 Kombucha – kombucha

Many people remember the horrible slimy Kombucha, who lived in Soviet times, the three-liter jar on the windowsill every second family. Slippery muck had to be regularly removed from the banks, washed, separated into layers, and then ring up all the friends, inviting them to take the “kids”. 2-3 days ordinary tea turned into a strange sour liquid, according to several doctors, very useful. But in the West enterprising beverage manufacturers have decided to make Kombucha money and it does not hurt the fragile psyche of the inhabitants, and were let out of his drink Kombucha, poured into ordinary plastic bottles and decorated with stylish label, positioned as a necessary component of a healthy diet. Our compatriots abroad drink it and not even aware that this is still the same old acquaintance – Kombucha.