hi dear ones,

Topic specific Search engines.

I know with many search engines available to us very less people will be interested in the  below list. I am sure  even though I have kept this list handy in my pen drive which I carry always hardly it seems to me that i will use any search engine.

Inspite of that here is the list  because “IT TAKES ALL KIND OF PEOPLE TO MAKE THIS WORLD”

Documents and E-Book & PDF Search Engine

  • Who-sells-it.com (The catalog search engine) – Who-sells-it.com is an automated search engine for product catalogues. You can find products and product information within the catalogs and brochues.
  • AddAll – AddALL is a free service that searches for the best deal in books anywhere on-line.
  • BookFinder – A one-stop ecommerce search engine that searches over 150 million books for sale—new, used, rare, out-of-print, and textbooks. .
  • Boocu – Access thousands of eBooks and other digital products.
  • Brupt – Brupt.com is based on Google Custom Search Engine, it uses Filetype parameters offered by Google to filter the information and show the pages according.
  • CCEbook – A free ebook search engine, find rapidshare/mihd/ebooks by search.
  • ComicSeeker – Search the Internet’s most popular online comic book stores and auctions.
  • DocJax – DocJax.com is a search engine for documents, which allow you to search documents and e-book from everywhere, preview them and even download them for free.
  • Docstoc – All documents on docstoc can be easily searched, previewed and downloaded for free.
  • Ebook-Search-Engine – Ebook-Search-Engine.com was established to make finding an free ebook on the internet alot easier by providing visitors with the best quality free ebook sites and pages on the web.
  • Ebookee – Free download ebooks search engine.
  • Flazx – This is a well organized and searchable eBook Directory..
  • FeedBooks – A universal e-reading platform compatible with all mobile devices where you can download thousands of free e-books.
  • Gigle.ws – A PDF search engine with 1 150 000+ items indexed.
  • Google Books – Find the perfect book for your purposes and discover new ones that interest you.
  • Issuu – Collect, share and publish in a format designed to make your documents look their very best.
  • LazyLibrary – LazyLibrary, where you can find books on any topic without having to worry about high page counts..
  • Myplick – Myplick is a free service that lets you share, embed and discover presentations and slide shows online.
  • Printfu – Search engine for free ebooks.
  • PDFster – PDFster.net is a meta search engine for PDF documents.
  • PDFSe – User can search for an ebook by entering a book title,author name or topic
  • PDF-Search.org – A book search engine search on sites, forums, message boards for pdf, word, power point files.
  • Scribd – Scribd is a social publishing site, where tens of millions of people share original writings and documents.
  • Search-PDF-Books – PDF search engine for free PDF books.
  • The-Manuals – Search engine for free manual online.
  • TooDoc – Through this search engine, you’ll be able to search the web for PDF files, and nothing else. .
  • Yudu – Explore the Library to find magazines, newspapers, eBooks and more. Over 1 million publications read each month..

Audio/Music Search Engine

  • AirMP3 – AirMP3 is a music search engine. It searches for free mp3 downloads on several music sites, and lists all results on a single page.
  • CaptainCrawl – A very massive music blog search engine.
  • DesMP3 – Listens the music that you want all is in DesMp3! Search in 500 million results.
  • Dilandau – In Dilandau.com you can listen and download all your MP3 music.
  • Dorble – Dorble is another application that lets you search, listen and download music you like to your computer for free.
  • Gig-Listing – Gig Listing is an independent web search engine for live music events. You can look for music events, bands or venues by typing a few keywords in a text box.
  • HuntMyMusic – HuntMyMusic is primarily a music search engine that provides a convenient way for users to find, preview, and download songs.
  • Liveplasma – Liveplasma is a new way to broaden your cultural horizons according to your taste in music.
  • MP3Raid – Mp3Raid.com is dedicated to provide its visitors the best mp3 search engine on the net.
  • Mix Turtle – Web-based music search tool Mix Turtle creates playlists of songs you find online.
  • MP3-Search Engine – A comprehensive MP3 search engine.
  • Muscorch – Music Score Search Engine, searching for free music score in various formats.
  • MusicBiatch – MusicBiatch is a music search engine designed for locating an audio files in various file sharing and uploading sites.
  • Musgle – To see Musgle in action just type a song title, or the artist name, or both in a search bar and hit ‘Enter’ – you will be redirected to the Google page with relevant search results
  • Midomi – Midomi is the ultimate music search tool because it is powered by your voice.
  • MP3Search.Mobi – Your free music search engine.
  • MP3Fountain – Download Hip-Hop mp3. Download Hip-Hop music.
  • MP3Series – The Ultimate Audio Search Engine
  • OOnly – Free MP3 search engine.
  • SharingMusics – Audio, mp3 and music search engine.
  • Songza – Songza lets you listen to any song or band. Search for it.
  • SeekMP3 – SeekMp3 is worth a try. SeekMp3 is an Mp3 search engine, pure and simple. Music is pulled from all over the web—blogs, music sites, personal websites, etc.
  • SeekASong – Mp3s and lyrics search engine.
  • Woonz – Woonz crawls the internet for audio tracks and then provides the information here for you to listen, download, or find out more about audio that you are interested in.

Video Search Engine

  • Cleepr – Cleepr, the music video search engine.
  • ChizMax – A music video search engine.
  • Google Videos – Search and watch millions of videos. Includes forum and personalized recommendations.
  • IsInvideo – IsInVideo.com is a search engine that provides real-time results as links to videos, developed by Javier Guillen from Malaga.
  • myMovo – The myMovo server provides it with the addresses of the media matching your search.
  • Nanocrowd – Nanocrowd has magical search algorithms that interpret comments people like you have written about movies.
  • Pixsy – The Pixsy Index is a massive library of video and image content that can be integrated into approved premium websites and applications.
  • Podscope – Podscope lets you search the spoken word for audio and video that interests you.
  • SearchForVideo – Searchforvideo.com is a leading video search engine that indexes online video clips from over 10,000 sources.
  • ScoopVid – Track down the most popular videos by the hour, day or even month. You can also search the web for video results.
  • Truveo – Truveo video search lets you search and find videos from across the Web.
  • Truveo – Search video across the Web.
  • VidSea – VidSea, short for Video Search is a vertical search engine specifically for searching Video clips on the Internet.
  • Vdoogle – This search engine will search for videos from popular video sharing websites like YouTube and Google Videos.