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Jwellery  types in INDIA

Indian men and women have traditionally adorned themselves with different types of jewellery but at the same time the concept of jewellery is more associated with women. Since ages women have tried to look beautiful with the use of various ornaments. Gradually with the passing time the types of jewellery used by men and women have gone a sea change.

With every passing age the types of jewellery used have become more innovative. Jewellery for almost all the parts of the body is present in Indian. This vast range of Indian Jewellery comprises earrings, necklaces, bangles, anklets, nose rings and a lot more. The use of precious stones and gems to make the jewellery more attractive has been an old tradition of India. Down the time line a number of jewellery types have flourished in India and has again become outmoded.

Enamel Jewellery in India Platinum Jewellery in India Leather Jewellery
Stainless Steel Jewellery Titanium Jewellery Silver Jewellery
Aluminum Jewellery Bronze Jewellery Brass Jewellery
Copper Jewellery Iron Jewellery Pewter Jewellery
Stone Jewellery in India Rubber Jewellery Ceramic Jewellery
Rice Jewellery Ivory Jewellery Crystal Jewellery
Glass Jewellery Back line Jewellery Art-tech Jewellery
Acrylic Jewellery Resin Jewellery Plastic Jewellery
Kundan Jewellery Beaded Jewellery Shellac Jewellery
Shell Jewellery Wooden Jewellery Quill Jewellery
Bone and Horn Jewellery Terracotta Jewellery in India Oxidized Jewellery
Designer Jewellery Bronze Ornaments in India