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Volcano Structure

ypes of volcanoes

Volcanoes are those ruptures in the Earth’s surface or crust, that allows gases and hot and molten rock to escape from deep below the surface. Most volcanic activity forms mountains or mountainous regions over a period of time.

Supervolcanoes: Supervolcanoes produce the largest eruptions on Earth.

Volcanic Cones: Volcanic cones are the simplest types of volcanoes.

Active and Dormant And Extinct  Volcanoes

  • An active volcano is one that is presently erupting (or at least growling a lot, with lots of seismic and thermal activity).ALSO A volcano that is erupting or has erupted during historic times is called active.

Activ Volcano

  • A dormant volcano is currently inactive, but could feasibly erupt in the future. Volcanoes that appear recent but have no recorded activity other than the quiet escape of gas are called dormant.

Dormant Volcano

  • An extinct volcano is one that is both inactive and unlikely to erupt again in the future. A Volcano in which there is no evidence of any activity is considered extinct.

Extinct Volcano

List of Active Volcanoes:
Mount Aso:
Mount Aso is one of the largest active volcanoes from those seen all over the world. This active volcano is located in Japan, on the island of Kyūshū.

Barren Island:
This active volcano is found in the Andaman Sea. This volcano is the only of the kind that is active in South Asia. A major portion of this volcano lies underwater. The peak of the volcano is seen at an altitude of 354 metres.

Mount Bromo:
Mount Bromo is an active volcano that remains to be a popular tourist attraction till date. Mount Bromo is located in the Tengger Caldera, which lies in the eastern area of Java, Indonesia.

Didicas Volcano:
The Didicas volcano is also an active volcano that is located in the Babuyan Islands which lies in Philippines. The base of this volcano is around 1,200 metres with an elevation of 228 metres.

Mount Edziza:
This active volcano is located in the Stikine Country, which lies in the Northwestern area of British Columbia in Canada. This Mount has many volcanic activities and this is also the second largest area that sees plenty of volcanic activity in Canada.

Mount Etna:
Mount Etna can be named as the largest active volcanoes seen in Europe. This active volcano lies on the East coast of Sicily. The origins of the volcanic activity began millions of years ago at Mount Etna. Over the years, people have witnessed some major eruptions due to Mount Etna.

Fourpeaked Mountain:
The Fourpeaked Mountain is located in Alaska. Previously considered to be a dormant volcano, Fourpeaked Mountain recently started showing signs of volcanic eruption in September, 2007. Although there may have been no major eruptions till date, one has always noticed a mild steam emanating from the summit of the Fourpeaked Mountain.

Hekla Volcano:
The Hekla volcano is located in the Southern area of Iceland. This volcano is reputed to be Iceland’s most active volcano. Hekla has recorded a series of eruptions since the earliest recorded in 1104. The last eruption was known to have been recorded in the 2000.

Irazú Volcano:
The Irazú Volcano is located in Costa Rica. Recently, the Irazú Volcano has shown signs of volcanic activity for the past couple of years. The year 1994 witnessed a small eruption. Prior to this, the Irazú volcano had erupted frequently in the olden days.

Mayon Volcano:
The Mayon volcano is located in the Philippines. This active volcano is categorized by the conical shape. Records have shown that this volcano has had around 47 eruptions in the past few years. It is the perfect symmetry of this volcano, which is perhaps why, it is also known as the world’s most perfectly formed volcano.

Masaya Volcano:
This volcano is located to the south of Managua in Nicargua. Experts have seen large amounts of sulphur dioxide gas being emitted from the Mayasa volcano. Explosions have occurred during the past few years that have propelled rocks 500 m from the crater. The last recorded eruption of this volcano happened in the year 2005.


List of some of the famous extinct volcanoes of the world?


Elgon, Mount

Kenya, Mount

Meru, Mount


Damāvand, Mount


Korea, South

Malay Archipelago




Gambier, Mount

Taal, Lake

South America-



Easter Island

Licancábur Volcano in the Atacama Desert

Volcán Misti, Peru