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Scarcity of WATER

National River Linking Project

The only aim of this largest river link project of the world is to make use of the water that goes waste in flood & with the help of this River Link Project assure good use by make available water to those areas that face drought & acute scarcity of water. It is assumed that if this largest project, being worked in three phases, is completed & regional politicians cooperate fully then there will be increase in the agricultural production & at the same time increase in national agricultural income. The people will get relief from the havoc caused by floods & drought. And above all, the people will get clean drinkable water.
The National River Linking Project (NRLP) is designed to ease water shortages in western and southern India while mitigating the impacts of recurrent floods in the eastern parts of the Ganga basin. The NRLP, if and when implemented, will be one of the biggest interbasin water transfer projects in the world.


The River-linking project (RLP) proposes to link 14 Himalayan rivers in the north and 16 peninsular rivers in the  south. The benefits of such a scheme are obvious – it would add 35-37 million hectares of irrigated land, generate 34,000 million kilowatts of electricity and increase navigational efficiency apart from controlling floods and eliminating chances of drought.

Major river basins in INDIA

Drainage /Wastage of Freshwater

While there are many critiques, for and against NRLP, much of the dialogue however seems to lack a sound informational base and is based on assertions or opinions. The IWMI-CP project is designed to change this situation. It aims to promote a balanced, analytical, national discourse on India?s Water Futures, and approaches to shaping it, including through the proposed NRLP.

River Linking

River Linking