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here is the deepest place on earth that human have yet traced.

the world is strange and te nature magical.

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ever wondered how police put criminals hands in check ?

with hand cuffs ofcourse !!

here are few.

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I have covered almost all vehicles but you can add more.

Types of Vehicles

18 wheeler aircraft carrier airplane
airship all terrain vehicle ambulance
ark armored car asphalt spreader
ATV autogiro automobile
baby carriage balloon barge
bathysphere battleship beach buggy
bicycle big rig biplane
blimp boat bobsled
bomber boxcar brougham
buckboard buggy bulldozer
bullet train bus cab
cabin cruiser cable car caboose
camel camper canal boat
canoe car caravan
cargo ship carriage cart
catamaran caterpillar tractor cement mixer
cement truck chair lift chariot
chopper circus wagon coach and four
coal car on train cog railroad combine
compact Concord Conestoga wagon
convertible coupe covered wagon
crane crop duster cruise ship
cycle delivery truck destroyer
diesel locomotive dinghy dining car on train
dirigible dirt bike dive bomber
dog cart dogsled donkey cart
dragster dray dugout
dump truck dune buggy earth mover
eighteen-wheeler electric train elephant
elevated railroad elevator escalator
express train ferry fighter
fire engine fireboat fishing boat
flatbed truck flatboat flatcar
flying boat foot scooter forklift
four-door sedan freight car freight train
freighter frigate front-end loader
funicular railroad galleon garbage truck
glider go-cart golf cart
gondola gyrocopter hand truck
handcar handcart hang glider
hansom cab harvester hatchback
hay wagon hearse helibus
helicopter hook and ladder horse and carriage
horse van horse-drawn cart horseback
hot air balloon hot rod houseboat
hover car hovercraft howdah
hydrofoil hydroplane ice boat
ice skates iceboat icebreaker
inline skates jeep jet pack
jet-propelled individual “jumpers” jetliner jumbo jet
kart kayak kite
land rover landau lawnmower
Lear jet lemon life raft
lifeboat limo limousine
litter livestock van llama
locomotive longboat man-of-war
microbus midget racer minesweeper
minibus minivan mobile home
monoplane monorail moped
motor home motor scooter motorboat
motorcycle mountain bike moving platform
moving van mule-drawn carat multipurpose vehicle
ocean liner off-road vehicle oil tanker
omnibus outrigger oxcart
pack-horse paddle wheeler pallet truck
panel truck parachutes passenger train
patrol car patrol wagon pedicab
pedicar pickup truck plow
police car pony express powerboat
prairie schooner push cart race car
racing sloop raft railroad coach
railroad Pullman rapid transit recreational vehicle
riverboat roadster rocket sled
rockets rocketship roller skates
rowboat sailboat sailplane
schooner scooter sea sled
seaplane seaplanes sedan chair
semitrailer ship shopping cart
side-wheeler skateboard skates
skiff skis sled
sledge sleeping car on train sleigh
slide snowmobile snowplow
snowshoes space shuttle space vehicles
spaceship speedboat sports car
spy plane squad car stagecoach
station wagon steam locomotive steam shovel
steam train steamboat steamroller
steamship stock car streetcar
stretcher stroller submarine
submersible subway supertanker
surfboard surrey swamp buggy
tank tanker taxi
taxicab ten-speed thresher
toboggan tow plane tow truck
town car tractor trailer trail bike
trailer train tram
trawler tricycle trolley car
truck tugboat turboprop
two-door sedan U-boat ultralight
unicycle van velocipede
wagon train walking water skis
water-ski sails wheelbarrow wheelchair
windjammer wrecker yacht
zamboni zeppelin

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when we look at someone some things we notice immediately; those are features.


Most Attractive Facial Features in Women
Here are some of the female facial features that men typically find attractive.

  • High Cheek Bones: It is a well known fact that men, especially those in the western part of the world, have an eye for women with high cheek bones and slightly inward i.e. concave cheeks. Examples of women with this particular facial feature include Cameron Diaz, Faye Dunaway, Lucy Liu and Keira Knightley, to name a few.
  • Eyes: Nothing strikes a man as hard as a woman’s beautiful eyes do. A pair of piercing blue eyes to go with long blonde hair makes for a killer combination indeed. At the same time, a pair of brown or hazel eyes has that typical element of warmth about it which instantly puts a man at ease and makes him comfortable.
  • Face Cut: If go by majority, then a slightly oval face is what is liked by most men. Yes, round faces with chubby cheeks do look good on certain women, but then these face types have a certain amount of childlike features to them. Long and thin faces, devoid of any face fat, are usually not among the most desired of face types, as far as men are concerned.
  • Other Facial Features: A delicate, feminine and narrow nose with a smooth bridge makes a woman look extremely pretty indeed. Contrary to popular belief, pencil-thin eyebrows are not exactly a big turn on for men. A pair of naturally-shaped, symmetric and well-maintained eyebrows is what gives a woman’s face that added element of beauty. Last but not the least, nothing works as well as a beautiful smile!

Most Attractive Facial Features in Men

  • Face Cut: Most of them chose a ‘slightly oval face which narrows towards the chin’ as the most attractive face type. Few were in favor of baby-faced cheeks, whereas none voted for long, thin faces.
  • Firm Nose: Almost everyone was of the opinion that a strong, firm nose gave the male face a strong sense of solidity and character. However, bent noses, asymmetrical nose bridges, or flat and wide noses were a strict no-no.
  • Strong Jaw: A strong jaw, it seems, ranked highly in my gal pals’ scheme of things. They believed that a well-defined jawline gives a certain chiseled look to a man’s face, making him look incredibly sexy and handsome. examples – Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig and Johnny Depp.
  • Eyes: Eyes too, happened to rank highly on the list of most attractive facial features in men. However, I must confess, there was quite a lot of inconsistency as far as eye color was concerned. Brown and black got the majority of votes, followed by different shades of blue. Also, names that were specifically mentioned included the likes of Pierce Brosnan and Leonardo Di Caprio.
  • Facial Hair: Now this facial feature too, had its fair share of thumbs ups and thumbs downs. Some women prefer clean-shaven men sans any facial hair, whereas for some the idea of a two-day stubble or a well-maintained goatee was a big turn on.

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Selecting a beauty queen is hectic, complicated and very difficult,

Since we have to choose one girl as a representative of whole lot we have to be more than cautios.

How to select a beauty queen :

(following is not a guide line, but it will help )

Beauty contest

A beauty contest, or beauty pageant, is a competition based mainly on the physical beauty of its contestants, although such contests often incorporate personality
, talent, and answers to judges’ questions as judged criteria. The phrase almost invariably refers only to contests for women; similar events for men are called by other names and are more likely to be “body building” contests. Winners of beauty contests are often called beauty queens.Personality psychology

Personality psychology is a branch of psychology that studies personality and individual differences.Its areas of focus include:* Constructing a coherent picture of a person and his or her major psychological processes…

Pageants did not become respectable until World War II, when “beauty queens” were recruited to sell bonds and to entertain troops. Scholarships and talent competitions evoked even closer scrutiny of contestants’ morals and backgrounds. The Miss America Pageant is the largest provider of college scholarships for women in the world.

Around the globe
Other major contests include the yearly Miss World competition (founded by Eric Morley in 1951), Miss Universe founded in 1952), Miss International (founded in 1960) and Miss Earth Miss Earth

Miss Earth is an annual international beauty pageant promoting environmental awareness.-Eco-fashion design competition:On November 4, 2008, the first Miss Earth Eco-Fashion Design Competition was launched by the Miss Earth Foundation as an annual event for professional and non-professional fashion…

(founded in 2001 with environmental awareness as its concern). These are considered the “Grand Slam” or “Big Four” pageants, the four largest and most famous international beauty contests.

002 was a year remarkable for its number of winners from counties with a majority Muslim population. In 2006, the Muslim nation of Pakistan crowned its first Miss Bikini Universe,  which later became a controversy worldwide.

Miss World

Selecting a “beauty queen”

Beauty pageants are generally multi-tiered and popular, with local competitions feeding into the larger competitions. The worldwide pageants, thus, require hundreds, sometimes thousands, of local competitions. The typical perception of a beauty pageant is that it occurs once a year, has women of a petite frame, the event is live on stage, and that a talent is involved somehow.

Beauty Queens, or title holders, are chosen on many criteria. Each individual pageant will provide to prospective delegates its particular methods of competition and scoring. Regardless of the method of competition, break down of scores or frequency of selection, all are defined as “entertainment in the form of a beauty pageant.” It is up to the individual to determine which is best suited for competition or of particular entertainment interest.


Being an engineer myself I hold engineers in great esteem.

So, I tried to collect some of the great deeds of engineers of our age.

when you look at these herculean tasks , you will wonder about their existence in the same world where these feats are doing good for the richest only.

Engineers can make things cheaper but affordable; i doubt it.

1. CERN’s Large Hadron Collider:

With an ability to change our understanding of the world around us and give us the reasons of our own existence, CERN’s LHC is for now the most spectacular and important technological marvel modern science has created. The particle accelerator is just a couple of days away from action, and the large construction 17 miles in circumference will surely make the coming two decades the most exciting for modern physicists. It’s truly amazing creation that could answer the questions about the creation and existence of this universe itself!

2. International Space Station (ISS):

It is one thing making wonders of engineering on earth and a whole different ballgame when you need to do it outside the planet in outer space. The International Space Station (ISS) is a research facility that is a joint project among the space agencies of the United States (NASA), Russia (RKA), Japan (JAXA), Canada (CSA) and eleven European countries. When completed in 2010, it will be the largest and grandest human endeavor away from home, and to build such a massive structure in such dangerous conditions is one magnificent tribute to both human will and skill.

3. Three Gorges Dam:

Taking shape of the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world and that too by a long shot, the Three Gorges Dam in China is not just spectacular to watch but enormous in magnitude. Generating 22.5 GW of power it will supply energy amounting to 4% of China’s national needs. Creating a reservoir as large as Lake Superior, this dam will be good as a grand marvel of modern engineering by becoming the world’s largest concrete structure!

4. Petronas Twin Towers:

At 452 meters tall, the Petronas Twin Towers are magnificent and unique. While their familiarity seems at times to diminish their true aura, you only need to stand in front of the towers for one moment to realize the magnitude of the construction. For sheer intimidating height and the sophisticated look, they are a marvel of modern times.

5. Space Telescope Chandra:


Also known as the Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility, Chandra is an X-ray telescope orbiting the earth and sending back the most spectacular images of the cosmos that man has ever captured. The telescope moves in an orbit which makes it the furthest traveling earth-orbiting man-made object. The X-ray images offered by Chandra since its launch have redefined our notions of the cosmos and have given astronomy a whole new direction.

6. Palm Deira of Dubai:

Palm Deira is the latest of Dubai’s trilogy of man-made islands. This island will occupy all of 46.35 million square meters of land reclaimed from the Persian Gulf to make the Palm Deira the largest man-made island in the entire world. All set to be finished by the year 2013, the island will further alter the landscape of effervescent Dubai!

7. Viaduc de Millau Bridge:

Stretching higher than the Eiffel Tower, the Viaduc de Millau Bridge is a marvel of art and architecture that caught the eye of even flamboyant French President Jacques Chirac. Stretching across southern France’s Tarn River Gorge, it is 1.6 miles (2.6 kilometers) long and soaring to 1,132 feet (343 meters) at its highest point, it is the tallest bridge in the world. Built by the firm that also built the Eiffel Tower, its spectacular presence bowls over one and all!

8. Bird’s Nest:

The Bird’s Nest in the heart of Beijing needs little introduction to anyone, and it is one structure that has now become synonymous with the Olympic Games. Apart from its grand, yet unique design, the stadium is the world’s largest steel structure. No other man-made structure used up as much steel as the Olympic Stadium, with its intricate yet hypnotic design. That surely sets it apart in terms of being a one of a kind venue in the sporting world.

9. Burj-Al-Arab Hotel:

By now almost everyone knows about the Burj-Al-Arab, and if you have not heard of it or seen its picture till now, then welcome back to earth. The hotel stands at a height of 321 meters and is the tallest operational hotel in the world. While the Rosa Tower is set to soon take away that crown, it still will not diminish the unique aura of the Burj, with its unique shape and its own artificial island. This is one hotel where you can live it up in a grand style!

10. Kingda Ka Roller Coaster:

At a height of 456 feet, the Kingda Ka Roller Coaster is the tallest fun ride in the world. Located in the Six Flags Theme Park in New Jersey, the ride will take you into a different world and even before you know it, you will be plunging back towards earth at a speed of 128 mph. This heart-stopping and mind-numbing ride is not just the tallest in the world but also the most exhilarating. This is a modern marvel that is just for fun and adrenaline, and that makes it our personal favorite!

11. Rungnado May Day Stadium:

Located in Pyongyang, North Korea, the May Day stadium is the largest in the world and has seen some pretty big crowds. The May Day stadium has 150,000 seats and a total floor space of more than 207,000 square meters. The inner stadium floor area covers 25,000 square meters, including 14,000 square meters of which its athletic field is artificially made and 8,300 square meters of lawn. Vertical axis of stadium is 450 meters and horizontal axis 350 meters. Those are just a few numbers from this humongous stage for sporting extravaganza!

12. Akashi Kaikyo Suspension Bridge:

The Akashi Kaikyo Suspension Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world and is a spectacular visual delight. It apparently took 2 million workers 10 years to construct the bridge, 181,000 tons of steel and 1.4 million cubic meters of concrete. The four-mile bridge links the island of Awaji and the mainland city of Kobe. This is probably one man-made marvel that even the Japanese are proud about and look at in awe!

13. Lake Mead:

Lake Mead is one of my own personal favorites not just because it is such a spectacular human creation among nature’s brilliant creations, but it also brings in the aura of the Hoover Dam into the list. When it was completed, the Hoover Dam was the largest concrete structure in the world, and also the largest power-producing entity. With time all that might have gone, but the artificial lake it creates among the gorgeous Grand Canyons-Lake Mead-is still the world’s largest man-made reservoir. Simply spectacular!

14. Project Genesis:

When finished in 2009, Royal Caribbean’s Project Genesis luxury cruise ship will be the largest cruise ship the world has ever known. This modern-day luxury-on-ocean will end up costing a cool $1.24 billion to make. It will measure 1,180 feet long and carry 5,400 passengers. When ready, the ship would have a central park, luxury hotels, restaurants, public spaces, picnic spots and bars. Yes, it is like a little city of its own!

15. Hangzhou Bay Bridge:

There is something about bridges that we just cannot get enough of. It is just the scientific knowledge and the engineering skill involved in building them that makes them stand out as technical pieces of art. The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest road bridge in the world and another Chinese marvel that made it to our list. The £840 million Bridge, measuring 36km, spans Hangzhou Bay to link China’s financial hub and the port city of Ningbo to the south. The fact that it is anchored in waters that are 60 meters deep in places and yet is so solid and spectacular makes it a feat of accomplishment indeed!

16. Channel Tunnel:

The Channel Tunnel, more popularly known as the Eurotunnel, is the longest under-sea rail tunnel in the world in terms of length of the tunnel under the sea. Connecting England and France, it starts out at Kent in England and finishes at Coquelles near Calais in northern France. Creating a bridge over water is hard enough but to plow under the sea to create a rail tunnel! This is one ride that you will never forget.

17. Singapore Flyer:

These big giant wheels that go round and round giving you a spectacular view of the city are so cool, and the one in London is obviously pretty famous. But there is plenty of hard work and engineering skill behind the apparent simplicity. The Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest Ferris wheel and reaches 42 stories high, it comprises of a 150-metre high wheel built over a three-story terminal building, thus giving it a total height of 165 meters. It not only gives you a view of Singapore in totality but parts of Malaysia and Indonesia as well… Awesome!

18. Pan STARRS-1:

Built at Manoa’s Institute for Astronomy in Honolulu at the University of Hawaii, the largest digital camera has been installed on the Pan STARRS-1 telescope on Haleskala, Maui. This digital wonder along with the telescope will form one of the most powerful observatories on the planet and will monitor the cosmos constantly.

19. MareNostrum:

It is not often that science and religion get along well, and that makes the MareNostrum all the more special. MareNostrum is the most powerful supercomputer in Europe and while Europe does not cover the world, it is the only one where you will find a church. The supercomputer consists of 2560 JS21 blade computing nodes, each with 2 dual-core IBM 64-bit PowerPC 970MP processors running at 2.3 GHz for 10240 CPUs. All this in a chapel, and the ironic part: it is used for human genome research!
20. San Alfonso Del Mar:

After taking a trip across the planet in search of the mind-boggling modern technological wonders, it is better everyone takes a cool dip on our final spot, and that is exactly why we reserved this one final spot for San Alfonso Del Mar in Chile. This amazing resort in the beautiful South American country sports the world’s largest swimming pool, and when I say large, I mean it. The San Alfonso pool is 1km in length and contains an incredible 250,000 cubic meters of water. The technology used to create the crystal clear water that is transparent to a depth of 35 meters is the real technological aspect of this pool, and an exclusive secret for now. The pool, spread over 8 hectares, is surely good enough for all those who came along on this fabulous journey!

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Have you ever wondered how ambient temperature is measured or how the atmospheric pressure is measured and what instruments are used, NO ?(!!)

Well, I have !

and i found these, there may be some others but they are far advanced; for me knowing these is jusst enough.

Different Types of Weather Instruments


Thermometers measure air temperature. Because heat from the sun can adversely affect readings, place thermometers in a location protected from the sun. There are many types of thermometers, ranging from electronic digital thermometers to simple mercury-based ones.


A hygrometer measures the amount of vapor in the air, known as humidity. Hygrometers are available in both digital versions and traditional analog versions.


A barometer is used to measure air pressure. Changes in air pressure can precede a large storm. Barometers tend to fall if rainy weather is imminent and rise if the weather soon will clear.


An anemometer measures wind speed. Most anemometers are made of several cups that spin in the wind. The rotational speed of the device is measured to calculate wind speed. Anemometers often are paired with wind vanes to measure wind direction.

Wind Vane

A wind vane measures the direction of the wind. Wind pressure pushes a large surface to align the vane to the wind’s direction. Classic wind vanes are sometimes mounted on top of houses or other buildings. Smaller, more modern wind vanes often are integrated into anemometers or complete weather-sensing stations.

Rain Guage

Rain guages measure the total amount of rain. Rain guages can be as simple as a glass and a ruler, or as complex as a self-emptying, digital rain guage. For accurate readings, place rain guages in a location where they are not protected by trees and buildings.


Solar radiation can affect weather. Although not commonly found in consumer weather stations, pyranometers measure solar radiation. Advanced weather hobbyists may find interesting correlations between solar radiation and certain weather phenomenon.

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Breezes are also periodic winds,but they have a
daily cycle of occurrence. Like monsoons, they
form because water and surface are not heated equally.
Monsoons are typical periodic winds which play
a crucial part for the precipitation regime. They form
due to the unequal heating of water and earth.

Trade Winds
Because the atmospheric pressure near the Equator is
permanently low,there’s a constant flow of air towards it.
Such winds are referred to as trade winds

Generally, cyclones vortexes which form near areas of
low atmospheric pressure. In the Southern Hemisphere
air inside them moves clockwise,while in the Northern
Hemisphere it moves just the other way around.
Anticyclones in turn form near areas of high pressure.

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This is very outrageous to see misuse /misappropriation of public property.

Like water ; water is scarce these days.

there is great no. of population who can not get enough water to drink , people have to walk several kilometers for the  some liters of water.

And still there are some scoundrels who wash their cars with continuously flowing water from a thick tap.

there are people who use shower to wash themselves instead of bucket water.

people water their gardens two times a day where one time watering should suffice.

Also Street lights;

Dont know how respective authorities can forget to turn off the lights till noon .

then there are some great people who make street lights their target and and damage the lights by stoning them.


in marriages people will dance in the middle of streets blocking all the traffic.

and also dig holes in the streets for functions and forget to mend them.


people use gardens for all purposes like picnic, lover’s den, family planning.

all these people forget the cleanliness of their surrounding , they just want to enjoy , want to be happy,wish all the amenities and luxuries.


they do not want the responsibility to keep public place clean or do not refrain themselves from misusing the public property.

There should be a competent authority dedicated to these grievances only who can act independently and should be able to punish the culprits appropriately.


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Look at the charts