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In all fifteenth, seventh after independence census of India commenced today the 1 April, 2010. One of the giant campaigns worldwide commenced from Honourable President Mrs. Pratibha Patil. Let’s, therefore, know some of the major features of “India Census – 2011”.


First phase of “India Census – 2011”. will be undertaken from 1 April, 2010 to 30 September, 2010. During this phase registration of house and other properties is going to be made.


Second phase of “India Census – 2011”. will be undertaken during 9 to 28 February, 2011. In this phase actual census is to be made.

Services of in all 24, 42,934 officials is being utilized during the process of “India Census – 2011”. Probable expenditure for “India Census – 2011” is Rs. 5956 crore. Similarly, 11,631 tons of paper is required to be used to accomplish the process of “India Census – 2011”.


  1. Name, gender, date of birth, nationality, educational qualification, present and permanent address, relationship with the head of family, father’s name, mother’s name, marital information, place of birth, occupation, name of spouse etc. of every individual will be registered.

  2. For the first time, photographs, impressions of all ten hand fingers, scanning of eyeballs (iris), cell phone numbers, banking details, drinking water facilities, and other household facilities available in every family is also going to be registered.

  3. The so collected information will then going to be registered in ”National Population Register” and every individual accordingly will be given one Unique Identity Number. Individual not having such unique identity number will not be entitled for any Government scheme thereafter.


  1. For the first time, caste wise counting will not be undertaken.

  2. The information collected during the process of “India Census – 2011” will be kept secret. Such information will not be available even to the Courts of Law.

  3. According to sources, the naxalists, if appeared for census, they will not be arrested.


Process of census was undertaken in 35 States during census 2001. Likewise, census 2011 will also be undertaken in 35 states.

  1. As compared to 593 districts covered in 2001, 640 districts will be covered under “India Census – 2011”.

  2. Similarly, as compared to 5463 taluka (tahsil – mandal) covered in 2001, 5767 taluka will be covered under “India Census – 2011”.

  3. As compared to 5161 cities and 593732 villages covered in 2001, 7742 cities and 608786 villages will be covered under “India Census – 2011”

It is, thus, national duty of every Indian to participate and co-operate “India Census – 2011”