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Top Best Car Engines

Car engine is the heart and soul of every car without which no car can be driven. It is a big confusing clutter of metals, tubes, and wires that work in tandem to produce power to run the car. Usually cars are equipped with front-mounted engines but there are few cars in which the engine is either mid-mounted or rear-mounted. The position, displacement, and the type of component in the engine actually affect the performance of the car. If the engine has the best of technologies mated to high quality components, it delivers impressive performance and fuel efficiency.

Car engines are mainly classified based on the power they generate, technologies they equip, and types of components they use. These factors make few engines better than the others.

Explained below are 10 best car engines:

Rover K-Series

Rover engineers developed a light weight engine called K-series in 1988 which received a lot of appreciation for its innovative technology. Initially the engine was launched with 1.1-litre and 1.4-litre capacity which was later increased to up to 2.5-litre V6 specification.

Austin A-Series

A-Series engine from Austin is a very powerful engine seen in car models like Austin A30, Austin A40, Minor, Allegro, Maestro, Metro and even Montego. This engine is known for its quick response and power. Equipped in the one of the world’s most popular hatches Mini, the Austin’s engine confirmed its superiority. The engine was introduced about 50 years ago and is still to retain its position as one of the most frugal car engine for the next 50 years to come.

Rolls-Royce V8

The Rolls Royce V8 is a smooth and simply structured engine that delivered commendable performance. Gradually, as new technologies started entering the market the engine was modified and upgraded for relatively higher performance and fuel efficiency. The V8 engine became more powerful when the turbocharger was strapped to it.


The BMW V12 engine with 6.1-litre engine capacity was exclusively designed for the McLaren F1 supercar by the Motorsport Division. The racing car manufacturer had presented the proposal of V12 engine to different firm and it was finally accepted by the M-Sport. It was a tough job to develop an engine with an output of 621 bhp without a turbo or supercharger, electrifying performance and spine-tingling sound effects. It was one of the most sizzling creations

Alfa Romeo Boxer

The engine was named as Boxer because of the fact that its pistons are positioned horizontally opposite to each other. It reveals one of the most important engine layouts. The concept of the boxer was developed by the talented engineer Karl Benz in 1896. Karl Benz was a German mechanical engineer who designed and developed world’s first practical automobile to be powered by an internal-combustion engine.

Porsche Flat Six

The Flat Six from Porsche was one of the most successful engines that showed its presence for many years in different forms. This engine came into existence in the 1964 with the capacity of 2.0-litre. The engine made its first debut in air-cooled form in the Porsche 911. Though initially the engine was seen with the 2.0-litre capacity, later for the 1993 Porsche models it was increased to a capacity of 3.6-litres. In 1998 with help of the innovative technology, the Flat Six engine came up with the new water-cooled version which was completely different from the traditional version. The latest version of this engine is seen with 3.8-litre that delivers amazing performance despite the rigid modern regulations.

Lamborghini V12

This engine started its journey long back in 1964 with 3.5-litre engine capacity. The first engine was equipped in the 350GT. Lamborghini V12 has made its presence under the hood of the legendary car models like Miura, Countach, and Diablo. It was seen in different size and power. The supreme version of this engine still flaunts in Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 which is powered by a 6.5-litre engine that generates an awesome power output of 631 bhp.

Chevrolet V8

The V8 engine from Chevrolet came into existence in 1955 and since then nearly 90 million engines have been manufactured. Chevrolet V8 engine received immense popularity among the stock car racers and was known as the “Mighty Mouse” motor, which was named after the popular cartoon character of the time. It is one of the engine which offers effective design and compact packaging. Easy to tune V8 engine has the capacity to deliver 370 bhp.

Honda V-TEC

Honda had to bear heavy tax on its large capacity engines and as a result the car manufacturer came up with a small yet powerful engine. The Honda’s V-Tech engine with variable valve timing is one of the most frugal engines in the present day automotive industry. The engine comprises two sets of cam lobes, one for smooth low speed running and another for awesome power output. The design and engineering of the engine was a challenging task but the manufacturer is still rejoicing the engine’s high performance and success even after 16 years of its introduction.

Ford Cosworth

This is the most powerful engine that since its introduction has powered many car models. Initially this engine delivered 204bhp which was increased to 227 bhp in the Escort Cosworth model. These four-cylinder in-line units are compact in design and are customized to provide increased power output and performance. It was further modified where the small and refined 2.0-litre engine delivered 550 bhp. Cosworth is an automotive engineering company that joined hands with Ford to started produce racing car engines in 1959.