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Punctuation marks

punctuation marks

We have so far gone through some English world, either having same spelling or

pronouncement, but having different meaning. Lot of such magical words are to come, let’s have

a little change by going through the importance of punctuations, which, if placed correctly, changes

the meaning of sentences dramatically.

(. – , – ; – “” – ! etc.) are some of the punctuation marks used in English.

Former Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill, in addition to his all other skills and

abilities was well known lingual expert & orator.
One famous anecdote is given below, which goes to show how the correct punctuations

developed or created magic in the sentence.
At the 90th Birthday of Mr. Churchill, a young photographer taken some
stills of Mr. Churchill and said I am sure that I will have had an opportunity again to take
your photographs at your 100th Birthday. In fact the young photographer was wishing long
life to Mr. Churchill by saying so. On this, Mr. Churchill replied thus;
“I see no reason, why you should not, young man! You look hale and hearty enough.”
The humor and magic of this sentence, besides sense of humor can only be
understood well if it read through the punctuations e.g. I see no reason (pause) why you
should not (pause) young man(pause) you look hale and hearty enough (end).
Punctuation is a important aspect in communication skills. Punctuation marks, if placed
correctly may change outright meaning of sentence and should, therefore, used wisely.
To sum up, following illustration (famous and commonly used) is given below which goes
to show how the meaning of sentence is changed on giving proper punctuation marks.

1. Without punctuation.

The convict said Judge is mad.

There is no need to explain meaning of this sentence and is also

grammatically correct. Now let’s see how the meaning of this sentence is changed if

given some punctuation marks.

2. With punctuation.

“The convict”, said Judge, “is mad”.
Outright change in meaning..

Isn’t interesting?