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SMOKE when you can !!!

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Tobacco products


Beedis are thin, often flavored, South Asian cigarette made of tobacco wrapped in a tendu leaf, and secured with colored thread at one end. Bidis smoke produce higher levels of carbon monoxide, nicotine, and tar than cigarettes typical in the United States. Due to the relatively low cost of beedies compared with regular cigarettes, they have long been popular among the poor in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and India]


Cigars are tightly rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco which is ignited so that its smoke may be drawn into the smoker’s mouth. They are generally not inhaled because the high alkalinity of the smoke, which can quickly become irritating to the trachea and lungs. Instead they are generally drawn into the mouth. The prevalence of cigar smoking varies depending on location, historical period, and population surveyed, and prevalence estimates vary somewhat depending on the survey method. The United States is the top consuming country by far, followed by Germany and the United Kingdom; the US and Western Europe account for about 75% of cigar sales worldwide. As of 2005 it is estimated that 4.3% of men and 0.3% of women smoke cigars.

female smokers


Cigarettes, French for “small cigar”, are a product consumed through smoking and manufactured out of cured and finely cut tobacco leaves and reconstituted tobacco, often combined with other additives, which are then rolled or stuffed into a paper-wrapped cylinder. Cigarettes are ignited and inhaled, usually through a cellulose acetate filter, into the mouth and lungs. Cigarette smoking is the most common method of consumption.

Electronic cigarette

Electronic cigarettes is an alternative to tobacco smoking, although no tobacco is consumed. It is a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by delivering a vaporized propylene glycol/nicotine solution. Many legislation and public health investigations are currently pending in many countries due to its relatively recent emergence.


Hookah are a single or multi-stemmed (often glass-based) water pipe for smoking. Originally from India, the hookah has gained immense popularity, especially in the Middle East. A hookah operates by water filtration and indirect heat. It can be used for smoking herbal fruits, tobacco, or cannabis.


Kreteks are cigarettes made with a complex blend of tobacco, cloves and a flavoring “sauce”. It was first introduced in the 1880s in Kudus, Java, to deliver the medicinal eugenol of cloves to the lungs. The quality and variety of tobacco play an important role in kretek production, from which kreteks can contain more than 30 types of tobacco. Minced dried clove buds weighing about 1/3 of the tobacco blend are added to add flavoring. Several states in the United States have banned Kreteks and in 2004 the United States prohibited cigarettes from having a “characterizing flavor” of certain ingredients other than tobacco and menthol, thereby removing Kreteks from being classified as cigarettes.

Passive smoking

Passive smoking is the involuntary consumption of smoked tobacco. Second-hand smoke (SHS) is the consumption where the burning end is present, environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) or third-hand smoke is the consumption of the smoke that remains after the burning end has been extinguished. Because of its negative implications, this form of consumption has played a central role in the regulation of tobacco products.

Pipe smoking

Pipe smoking typically consists of a small chamber (the bowl) for the combustion of the tobacco to be smoked and a thin stem (shank) that ends in a mouthpiece (the bit). Shredded pieces of tobacco are placed into the chamber and ignited. Tobaccos for smoking in pipes are often carefully treated and blended to achieve flavour nuances not available in other tobacco products.


Roll-Your-Own or hand-rolled cigarettes, often called ‘rollies’, are very popular particularly in European countries. These are prepared from loose tobacco, cigarette papers and filters all bought separately. They are usually much cheaper to make.


A vaporizer is a device used to sublimate the active ingredients of plant material. Rather than burning the herb, which produces potentially irritating, toxic, or carcinogenic by-products; a vaporizer heats the material in a partial vacuum so that the active compounds contained in the plant boil off into a vapor. Medical administration of a smoke substance often prefer this method as to directly pyrolyzing the plant material.

male smokers

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The official list of all top-level domains is maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

web domains

Domain Entity Notes
.aero air-transport industry Must verify eligibility for registration; only those in various categories of air-travel-related entities may register.
.asia Asia-Pacific region This is a TLD for companies, organizations, and individuals based in the region of Asia, Australia, and the Pacific.
.biz business This is an open TLD; any person or entity is permitted to register; however, registrations may be challenged later if they are not by commercial entities in accordance with the domain’s charter.
.cat Catalan This is a TLD for Web sites in the Catalan language or related to Catalan culture.
.com commercial This is an open TLD; any person or entity is permitted to register.
.coop cooperatives The .coop TLD is limited to cooperatives as defined by the Rochdale Principles.
.edu educational The .edu TLD is limited to accredited postsecondary institutions (nearly all 2 and 4-year colleges and universities in the U.S. and increasingly overseas, e.g., Australia and China).
.gov U.S. governmental The .gov TLD is limited to U.S. governmental entities and agencies (mostly but not exclusively federal).
.info information This is an open TLD; any person or entity is permitted to register.
.int international organizations The .int TLD is strictly limited to organizations, offices, and programs which are endorsed by a treaty between two or more nations.
.jobs companies The .jobs TLD is designed to be added after the names of established companies with jobs to advertise. At this time, owners of a “” domain are not permitted to post jobs of third party employers.
.mil U.S. military The .mil TLD is limited to use by the U.S. military.
.mobi mobile devices Must be used for mobile-compatible sites in accordance with standards.
.museum museums Must be verified as a legitimate museum.
.name individuals, by name This is an open TLD; any person or entity is permitted to register; however, registrations may be challenged later if they are not by individuals (or the owners of fictional characters) in accordance with the domain’s charter.
.net network This is an open TLD; any person or entity is permitted to register.
.org organization This is an open TLD; any person or entity is permitted to register.
.pro professions Currently, .pro is reserved for licensed or certified lawyers, accountants, physicians and engineers in France, Canada, UK and the U.S. A professional seeking to register a .pro domain must provide their registrar with the appropriate credentials.
.tel Internet communication services
.travel travel and tourism industry related sites Must be verified as a legitimate travel-related entity.
ccTLD Country/dependency/region Notes
.ac Ascension Island
.ad Andorra
.ae United Arab Emirates
.af Afghanistan
.ag Antigua and Barbuda
.ai Anguilla
.al Albania
.am Armenia
.an Netherlands Antilles Local presence required
.ao Angola
.aq Antarctica Defined by the Antarctic Treaty as everything south of latitude 60°S.
.ar Argentina
.as American Samoa
.at Austria
.au Australia Includes Ashmore and Cartier Islands and Coral Sea Islands.
.aw Aruba
.ax Åland
.az Azerbaijan
.ba Bosnia and Herzegovina
.bb Barbados
.bd Bangladesh
.be Belgium
.bf Burkina Faso
.bg Bulgaria (България)
.bh Bahrain
.bi Burundi
.bj Benin
.bm Bermuda
.bn Brunei Darussalam
.bo Bolivia
.br Brazil
.bs Bahamas
.bt Bhutan
.bv Bouvet Island Not in use (Norwegian dependency; see .no).
.bw Botswana
.by Belarus
.bz Belize
.ca Canada Subject to Canadian Presence Requirements (see .ca).
.cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Australian territory: do not confuse with Cocos islands in Guam).
.cd Democratic Republic of the Congo Formerly Zaire.
.cf Central African Republic
.cg Republic of the Congo
.ch Switzerland (Confoederatio Helvetica, Confédération helvétique)
.ci Côte d’Ivoire
.ck Cook Islands
.cl Chile Domain registrations require local presence in Chile.
.cm Cameroon A local entity/company in Cameroon is required to register a domain name.
.cn People’s Republic of China Registration allowed worldwide. Hong Kong and Macau also maintain TLDs.
.co Colombia
.cr Costa Rica
.cu Cuba
.cv Cape Verde
.cx Christmas Island
.cy Cyprus
.cz Czech Republic
.de Germany (Deutschland)
.dj Djibouti
.dk Denmark
.dm Dominica
.do Dominican Republic
.dz Algeria (Dzayer)
.ec Ecuador
.ee Estonia (Eesti) Only available for Estonia registered brands and companies.
.eg Egypt
.er Eritrea
.es Spain (España)
.et Ethiopia
.eu European Union Restricted to institutions (under the subdomain), companies, and individuals in the European Union (or in other overseas or autonomous regions of member countries).
.fi Finland
.fj Fiji
.fk Falkland Islands
.fm Federated States of Micronesia Used for some radio related websites outside Micronesia, notably and Rinse FM
.fo Faroe Islands
.fr France Can only be used by organisations or persons with a presence in France (including overseas).
.ga Gabon
.gb United Kingdom Seldom used; the primary ccTLD used is .uk for United Kingdom.
.gd Grenada
.ge Georgia (country)
.gf French Guiana (See also .fr).
.gg Guernsey
.gh Ghana
.gi Gibraltar
.gl Greenland
.gm The Gambia
.gn Guinea
.gp Guadeloupe Still used for Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin (see also .fr).
.gq Equatorial Guinea
.gr Greece
.gs South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
.gt Guatemala
.gu Guam
.gw Guinea-Bissau
.gy Guyana
.hk Hong Kong Special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China.
.hm Heard Island and McDonald Islands
.hn Honduras
.hr Croatia (Hrvatska)
.ht Haiti
.hu Hungary
.id Indonesia
.ie Republic of Ireland (Éire) Only available for Ireland registered brands and companies. Foreign companies can register if doing business in Ireland or provide TM. Since 2007 personal names are allowed to be registered subject to guidelines.
.il Israel
.im Isle of Man
.in India Under INRegistry since April 2005 (except:,,,,
.io British Indian Ocean Territory
.iq Iraq
.ir Iran
.is Iceland (Ísland)
.it Italy Restricted to companies and individuals in the European Union.
.je Jersey
.jm Jamaica
.jo Jordan
.jp Japan
.ke Kenya
.kg Kyrgyzstan
.kh Cambodia (Khmer, former Kâmpŭchea)
.ki Kiribati
.km Comoros
.kn Saint Kitts and Nevis
.kp Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
.kr Republic of Korea
.kw Kuwait
.ky Cayman Islands
.kz Kazakhstan
.la Laos (Currently being marketed as the unofficial domain for Los Angeles).
.lb Lebanon Must be registered with a company in Lebanon to register
.lc Saint Lucia
.li Liechtenstein
.lk Sri Lanka
.lr Liberia
.ls Lesotho
.lt Lithuania
.lu Luxembourg
.lv Latvia
.ly Libya
.ma Morocco
.mc Monaco
.md Moldova
.me Montenegro
.mg Madagascar
.mh Marshall Islands
.mk Republic of Macedonia The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
.ml Mali
.mm Myanmar
.mn Mongolia Some second-level domains are reserved for special use .mn
.mo Macau Special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China.
.mp Northern Mariana Islands
.mq Martinique (See also .fr).
.mr Mauritania
.ms Montserrat
.mt Malta
.mu Mauritius
.mv Maldives
.mw Malawi
.mx Mexico
.my Malaysia Must be registered with a company in Malaysia to register.
.mz Mozambique
.na Namibia
.nc New Caledonia (See also .fr).
.ne Niger
.nf Norfolk Island
.ng Nigeria
.ni Nicaragua
.nl Netherlands First official country TLD that was assigned to a country.
.no Norway Must be registered with a company in Norway to register.
.np Nepal
.nr Nauru
.nu Niue Commonly used by Danish, Dutch and Swedish websites, because in those languages ‘nu’ means “now”.
.nz New Zealand
.om Oman
.pa Panama
.pe Peru
.pf French Polynesia With Clipperton Island (See also .fr).
.pg Papua New Guinea
.ph Philippines
.pk Pakistan
.pl Poland
.pm Saint-Pierre and Miquelon
.pn Pitcairn Islands
.pr Puerto Rico
.ps Palestinian territories PA-controlled West Bank and Gaza Strip.
.pt Portugal Only available for Portuguese registered brands and companies.
.pw Palau
.py Paraguay
.qa Qatar
.re Réunion (See also .fr)
.ro Romania
.rs Serbia (See also former .yu still in use).
.ru Russia (See also former .su still in use).
.rw Rwanda
.sa Saudi Arabia
.sb Solomon Islands
.sc Seychelles
.sd Sudan
.se Sweden
.sg Singapore
.sh Saint Helena
.si Slovenia
.sj Svalbard and  Jan Mayen Islands Not in use (Norwegian dependencies; see .no).
.sk Slovakia
.sl Sierra Leone
.sm San Marino
.sn Senegal
.so Somalia
.sr Suriname
.st São Tomé and Príncipe
.su former  Soviet Union Still in use.
.sv El Salvador
.sy Syria
.sz Swaziland
.tc Turks and Caicos Islands
.td Chad
.tf French Southern and Antarctic Lands Seldom used (see also .fr).
.tg Togo
.th Thailand
.tj Tajikistan
.tk Tokelau Also used as a free domain service to the public.
.tl East Timor Old code .tp is still in use.
.tm Turkmenistan
.tn Tunisia
.to Tonga
.tp East Timor ISO code has changed to TL; .tl is now assigned but .tp is still in use.
.tr Turkey
.tt Trinidad and Tobago
.tv Tuvalu Much used by television broadcasters. Also sold as advertising domains.
.tw Republic of China (Taiwan) Registration allowed worldwide, local presence not required.
.tz Tanzania
.ua Ukraine
.ug Uganda
.uk United Kingdom
.us United States of America (Commonly used by U.S. State and local governments instead of .gov TLD).
.uy Uruguay
.uz Uzbekistan
.va Vatican City
.vc Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
.ve Venezuela
.vg British Virgin Islands
.vi U.S. Virgin Islands
.vn Vietnam
.vu Vanuatu
.wf Wallis and Futuna (See also .fr).
.ws Samoa Formerly Western Samoa.
.ye Yemen
.yt Mayotte (See also .fr).
.yu Yugoslavia Now used for Serbia and Montenegro.
.za South Africa (Zuid-Afrika).
.zm Zambia
.zw Zimbabwe
IDNA TLD[2] Language Word
.xn--0zwm56d simplified Chinese (Han script) 测试. (ICANN’s example.test: http://例子.测试/)
.xn--11b5bs3a9aj6g Hindi (Devanagari script) परीक्षा. (ICANN’s example.test: http://उदाहरण.परीक्षा/)
.xn--80akhbyknj4f Russian (Cyrillic script) испытание. (ICANN’s example.test: http://пример.испытание/)
.xn--9t4b11yi5a Korean (Hangul script) 테스트. (ICANN’s example.test: http://실례.테스트/)
.xn--deba0ad Yiddish (Hebrew script) טעסט. (ICANN’s example.test: http://בײַשפּיל.טעסט/)
.xn--g6w251d traditional Chinese (Han script) 測試. (ICANN’s example.test: http://例子.測試/)
.xn--hgbk6aj7f53bba Persian (Perso-Arabic script) آزمایشی. (ICANN’s example.test: http://مثال.آزمایشی/)
.xn--hlcj6aya9esc7a Tamil (Tamil script) பரிட்சை. (ICANN’s example.test: http://உதாரணம்.பரிட்சை/)
.xn--jxalpdlp Greek (Greek script) δοκιμή. (ICANN’s example.test: http://παράδειγμα.δοκιμή/)
.xn--kgbechtv Arabic (Perso-Arabic script) إختبار. (ICANN’s example.test: http://مثال.إختبار/)
.xn--zckzah Japanese (Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana scripts) テスト. (ICANN’s example.test : http://例え.テスト/)
Infrastructure Entity Notes
.arpa Address and Routing Parameter Area This is an Internet infrastructure TLD.

this is approximation

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As you can see from the list, most of the high traffic websites in India are related to Bollywood, adult videos, Banking, SMS and mobile phone companies, travel booking, online file sharing like rapidshare, MP3 Songs and Pirated Software.

OK, here’s the list:



hi dear ones,

101 Unusual Ice Cream Flavors

ice cream

Abalone Ice Cream

Aojiru Ice Cream

Barbecue Flavor Ice Cream

Bay Leaf Ice Cream

Beet and Corn Ice Cream

Cackalacky Spice Sauce Ice Cream

Cactus Ice Cream

Carrot Ice Cream

Char Grilled Seaweed Ice Cream

Charcoal Ice Cream

Cheese Ice Cream

Cheese Risotto Ice Cream

Cherry Blossom Ice Cream

Chicken Fried Steak Ice Cream

Chicken Ice Cream

Chicken Wing Ice Cream

Chili Pepper Ice Cream

Chocolate Garlic Ice Cream

Chunky Bacon Ice Cream

Cold Sweat Ice Cream

Collagen Lemon Ice Cream

Corn Ice Cream

Crab Ice Cream

Cream Cheese Ice Cream

Curdled Bean Ice Cream

Cuttlefish Ice Cream

Cypress Tree Ice Cream

Deep Sea Water Ice Cream

Deep Water Gelatto

Dracula Cool Garlic Mint Ice Cream

Durian Ice Cream

Eel Ice Cream

more ice creams

Environmentally Friendly Miso Ice Cream

Finland Ice Cream

Fish Ice Cream

Fried Eggplant Ice Cream

Fried Pork Rind Ice Cream

Garlic Ice Cream

Genmai Ice Cream (unpolished rice)

Goat Ice Cream

Grated Yam Ice Cream

Haddock Ice Cream

Herbal Remedy Ice Cream

Hojicha Bitter Green Tea Ice Cream

Hot Spring Water Ice Cream

Indian Curry Ice Cream

Koshihikari Rice Ice Cream

Lettuce and Potato Ice Cream

Lobster Ice Cream

Lox Ice Cream

Mango Seaweed Ice Cream

Miso Ice Cream

Miso Ramen Ice Cream

Mushroom Ice Cream

Mushroom-Pecan Ice Cream

Mustard Ice Cream

Nagoya Noodle Ice Cream

Natural Salt Ice Cream

Natural Viagra Ice Cream

Nogger Black Ice Cream

Octopus Ice Cream

Onion Ice Cream

Ox Tongue Ice Cream

Oyster Ice Cream

Peanuts and Wine Ice Cream

Pearl Ice Cream

Persimmon Ice Cream

Pickled Plum and Shiso Ice Cream

Pineapple Shrimp Ice Cream

Pit viper ice cream

Potato Ice Cream

Potato Liquor Ice Cream

Potatoes-and- Bacon Ice Cream

Raw Horseflesh Ice Cream

Red Wine Ice Cream

Rice Straw Ice Cream

Rose Ice Cream

Salad Ice Cream

Sauerkraut Sherbet

Seaweed Ice Cream

Sesame, Soybean and Dried Kelp Ice Cream

Shark Fin Noodle Ice Cream

Shrimp Ice Cream

Silk Ice Cream

Soy Sauce Ice Cream

Spaghetti Bolognaise Ice Cream

Spinach Ice Cream

Squash Ice Cream

Squid Gut Ice Cream

Squid Ice Cream

Squid Ink Ice Cream

Stilton Cheese Ice Cream

Stout Ice Cream

Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Tomato Ice Cream

Tulip Ice Cream

Tuna and Seaweed with Fruit Ice Cream

Tuna Fish Ice Cream

Wasabi Ice Cream

Whale Ice Cream

Wheat Ice Cream

enjoy !!!