Hi dear ones,

Shadripu (Six enemies) means the the six tendencies of the human nature, unbalancing of

any of these cause a imbalance in our life.

These Shadripu are given in the Aayurved.

WE have six enemies within us and they have to be overcome first. Eliminate them; at least keep them under control if you want to preserve the quality of your life.

1. kaama Lust. The tsunami #1. Lust is not harmful if you can apreciate why God has given this bonding grace for a loving family.

2. krodhaAnger. Sages have lost puNya earned over years of tapasyaa by yielding to anger and hurling curses. Our stock of punya is minimal and we have to prserve it. Discipline in life can control anger.

3.mada Pride. Money, chamchaas and health are not lasting. Enjoy them and share with others. Pride over their possession is harmful.

4. mohaDelusion. Love of God never fails you. Love of earthly possessions leads to delusion and consequent destruction of the very fabric of life.

5. lobha Greed. Most commonly found, a silent killer.

6. matsara : Jealousy. Happiness does not lie in possessions. Why feel jealous of others who possess more? If happiness were to come with money, the rich should be a happy lot.