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SOCIAL NETWORKING        Humm!!  If you tell a friend about a service or product you like – you’re social networking. If you share another blogger’s post with your blog readers…you’re social networking. Hand out a business card – you’re social networking. Returning phone calls, responding to email, contacting your blog commenter, building relationships with other bloggers, even writing on forums – all of this – and more – fall under social networking.

Usage of Social Sites

Basically, social networking is a way that people of some similar interests connect. The beauty is that this happens when people you may not know find you (and your business) because of some connection they have with someone you both know.

When you find someone, you click a button that says, “Add as Friend”. Once you do this, you and that person have a connection on the website that others can see. They are a member of your network, and you are a member of theirs.

What’s really cool, is that you can see who your friends know, and who your friends’ friends know. You’re no longer a stranger, so you can contact them more easily.

When you create a profile on a social-networking site, you literally put yourself on the social-networking map. You can use the Web site to:

                               look up old friends; make new ones

                               share music, photos and videos

                               join groups based on interests such as politics, hobbies or favorite TV shows

                               find jobs or love; or browse for the weirdest profile picture

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The Rise of Social Networking Sites and Their Effects on Our Lives

Many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Today, it seems hard to believe that these sites didn’t even exist in 2003. So much has changed over the Internet in modern times. The avenues for entertainment are greater than they ever have been before, and I personally do not understand how anyone could ever be bored with internet!

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Money making

Here are some of the sources:

1. Charge advertisers for presenting online “banner” ads to users
2. Collect marketing data on consumer habits, then selling the data or using it for targeted advertising.
3. Charging websites to become listed
4. Charging websites for better placement in lists
5. Charging websites to purchase keywords for themselves
6. Charging users for searches
7. Charging other search engines to use their catalog

Money Makers