Hi dear ones,

It makes me very happy to write today’s blog because I have completed writing 99 blogs and this is my 100th blog.


Why I blog………….?

                 I, Sushant Suhas Koltey, am very ordinary and common man. There is nothing very special about me.

I started blogging largely to pass time and share knowledge and experiences. A small part of me, however, was selfishly hoping for admiration, and seeking popularity and becoming famous.

To me, writing is hard work, Painful sometimes. 

The truth is — and I know this won’t be inspirational even if it is truthful — I have no wonderful stories that I absolutely must share.  No moral messages I’m desperate to impart.  No colorful characters that simply MUST be given a voice.   Sure, I can come up with wonderful stories, moral messages, and colorful characters…… but that’s not ME!! {I will have to make up things!!}

Several people have asked me why I write (which I don’t actually, I copy most of the times) the blog which has no originality.

Answer to this line lies in first line of this article itself.

I must read dozens of websites every day and am constantly learning from other people. I subscribe to several newsletters on number of topics. and connect to a number of people on orkut and facebook  to keep up to date with useful knowledge relating to almost every aspect of our life or our existence.

Part of writing this blog is to share and give back to the people what I know and what is interesting to all in general and to ME in particular. And so I may in help other people to know about various topics in a single blog and to learn techniques, tips and tricks they might have otherwise not known or have not tried to know.

In writing contents/topics on this blog I often learn a lot more about the concept I am trying to explain/writing. This is because I need to ensure that I have substantial knowledge & understanding of it so that I can communicate it effectively.

Also this blog is easy reference destination for me, on my favorite subjects/ topics. 

 I think “AIM” of my blog is to make people curious about everything they see, feel, touch, speak, hear and think.

And why not benefit others when it takes no pain at all.

I think that we must keep EXPLORING. Detailed knowledge of a subject/topic is good but not to be curious about NEW TOPIC is SIN towards you.

 “I hope you liked my blog and will love it even more.”