hi dear ones,

Here I am trying to put some policies/decisions/strategies of Obama Govt with respect to my nation India.

  • To put tap on Outsourcing even if American Cos pay more in their own country.
  • Not going ahead with the 1-2-3 pact (Hyde Act) {which they forced on India, in away}until India does not sign Non Proliferation Treaty.
  • At the same time having soft talks with the unstable-states-keeping-Nuclear-weapons like Pakistan And China.
  • To keep pressure on India and to keep Russia and China away {both being Communist countries} supporting China on any issues.
  • Just to remain in good books of China keeping Dalai Lama away and treating India with secondary Importance.
  • To tell India to start peace {i think they want PIECE} talks with Pakistan without pressurizing Pak to demolish the terrorists camps and stop supporting trrorists with arms and intelligence{ ISI of Pak is activ in this field}.
  • Without studying history of India asking India to give freedom to Kashmir.
  • Asking ” boss” China to look into matters of Afghanistan but ignoring/neglecting the Indian Help.

There are more issues which I will let you know eventually.

So, I do not think Mr. Obama’s regime is healthy for India’s  progress.

 I strongly object to Mr. Obama’s policies.