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hi dear ones,

Here I am trying to put some policies/decisions/strategies of Obama Govt with respect to my nation India.

  • To put tap on Outsourcing even if American Cos pay more in their own country.
  • Not going ahead with the 1-2-3 pact (Hyde Act) {which they forced on India, in away}until India does not sign Non Proliferation Treaty.
  • At the same time having soft talks with the unstable-states-keeping-Nuclear-weapons like Pakistan And China.
  • To keep pressure on India and to keep Russia and China away {both being Communist countries} supporting China on any issues.
  • Just to remain in good books of China keeping Dalai Lama away and treating India with secondary Importance.
  • To tell India to start peace {i think they want PIECE} talks with Pakistan without pressurizing Pak to demolish the terrorists camps and stop supporting trrorists with arms and intelligence{ ISI of Pak is activ in this field}.
  • Without studying history of India asking India to give freedom to Kashmir.
  • Asking ” boss” China to look into matters of Afghanistan but ignoring/neglecting the Indian Help.

There are more issues which I will let you know eventually.

So, I do not think Mr. Obama’s regime is healthy for India’s  progress.

 I strongly object to Mr. Obama’s policies.

Hi dear ones,  

Here is something about my town which I love.             


koltey,s residence



Koltey residence

Bird's eyes view


Koltey's Residence

Home Lane


WADSA (Desaiganj)

                                         District: Gadchiroli
                                              State: Maharashtra
                                          Country:   India


                                Wadsa is a taluka place not so very old town; may be about 150 years old situated at the bank of river Vainganga.  

Despite oldness of the town you will not find anything that can tell the tale of its oldness. Even we do not have the old structures of the historic value or some temple(as generally the happens) with that also any history to tell.  

But we had a Railway bridge which was said to be the 2nd longest bridge in Asia of the narrow Gauge rail line. Sadly this bridge was demolished in year 2006 to accommodate the broad gauge railway line.  

At the time of demolition the bridge was approximately 108 years old and it was in service till year 2002.  

                     This is the only railway station in Gadchiroli district. Despite the fact that the Gadchiroli district is affected by the naxalite movement, Wadsa is quiet, quite peaceful and uneventful of any wrong-doing and mischief of the naxalite.    

                      The clothes market and rice markets are very prosperous in Wadsa.  

People come from long distances to buy clothes for their families. The clothes are cheap and have good quality and lots of varieties to select from.  

                      The Rice of the Wadsa is exported/transported to other states like Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and many more. Rather flourished Rice market is the reason Wadsa got its other name which is Desaiganj. In the era of British raj, one Sub- Divisional Officer (SDO) Mr. Desai felt the potential of Wadsa market and to benefit it planned for the railway route to go from this place. To honor him Wadsa is also called as Desaiganj.  

Wadsa is located exactly in between the major towns Chandrapur and Gondia.  

 It takes equal time from Wadsa to reach Chandrapur and Gondia which is 2 ½ hours.  

How to reach   

Nagpur- Wadsa distance by road is 135 Kms.  

Chandrapur-Wadsa distance by road is 130 Kms.  

Chandrapur-Wadsa distance by rail is 90-100 Kms.  

What to see  

 In Wadsa itself you can go to Vainganga River for swimming which is safe as it is not very deep at many places.  

Other than this within three hours drive from Wadsa are national reserve forests  

1. Navegaon Bandh and  

2. Nagzira.  

Also, you can visit an ancient temple of Markandeshwar (god Shiva) at Markanda. This temple was supposed to be built by the Danvas (Evil forces) in one night. The temple is made of stone and the structure type is called as Hemad-Panthi.  

The second specialty of this place is that the Vainganga river flows Uttar-Vahini means flowing towards North where as across the Gadchiroli district it flows Dakshin-Vahini means flowing towards South.  


 Wadsa’s population is 30,000 approx.  


There two major institutes in Wadsa-  

  • Mahatma Gandhi high school and Jr. Science College.
  • Aadarsh High school and Jr. & Sr. Arts and Commerce College.


 There are also some private schools and colleges in Wadsa but none of them is Science College.  


People of Wadsa are very cultured, educated and love to celebrate festival with great enthusiasm. Living standard of the people is moderately high due to close proximity with the big towns.  

River vainganga