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Astrologers claim that Grahas influence the auras (energy bodies) and minds of beings connected to the Earth. Each Graha carries a specific energy quality, which is described in an allegorical form through its scriptural and astrological references. The energies of the Grahas are getting connected in a specific way to the individual auras of humans at the time they take their first breath in a given nativity. These energy connections remain with the natives of Earth as long as their current body lives

Each of the graha has associations with various characters, such as colors, metals, etc

Character Surya Dev (sun) Chandra (Moon) Mangala (Mars) Budha (Mercury)
Consort Sharanya & Chaaya Rohini Shaktidevi Ila
Color Copper White Red Green
Gender Associated Male Male Male Neutral
Element Fire Water Fire Earth
God Agni Varuna Subramanya Vishnu
Pratyadi Devataa rudra gowri Murugan Vishnu
Metal Gold/Brass Silver Brass Brass
Gemstone Ruby Pearl/Moonstone Red Coral Emerald
Body Part Bone Blood Marrow Skin
Taste Pungent Salt Acid Mixed
Food Wheat Rice Pigeon pea Mung bean
Season Summer Winter Summer Autumn
Direction East North West South North
Day Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday


Character Guru (Jupiter) Shukra (Venus) Shani (Saturn) Rahu (north node) Ketu (south node)
Consort Tara Sukirthi & Urjaswathi Neeladevi Simhi Chitralekha
Color Gold White/Yellow Black/Blue Smoky Smoky
Gender Associated Male Female Neutral
Element Ether Water Air Air Earth
God Indra Indrani Brahma Nirriti Ganesha
Pratyadi Devataa brahma indra yama mrutyu chitragupta
Metal Gold Silver Iron Lead Lead
Gemstone Yellow Sapphire Diamond Blue Sapphire Hessonite Cat’s Eye
Body Part Brain Semen Muscles
Taste Sweet Sour Astringent
Food Chickpea kidney beans Sesame Urad (bean) Horse gram
Season Winter Spring All Seasons
Direction North East South East West South West
Day Thursday Friday Saturday