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ISRO is pride of INDIA !

It supports follwing aras for research and is keen to help you and guide you.

Interested candidates can look into it.

Supported Areas of Research

Research proposals are Supported by ISRO in any area of relevance to the space programme of which the following are few examples:

Space Science : Physics of the ionosphere and magnetosphere; meteorology, dynamics of the atmosphere; geophysics, geology; astronomy; cosmology; astrophysics; planetary  and interplanetary space physics and climatology.

Space technology : Rocket and satellite technology; propulsion systems design and optimization; aerodynamics and heat transfer problems related to space vehicles; guidance and control systems for launch vehicles and spacecraft; polymer chemistry, propellant technology; ultra-light-weight structure; satellite energy systems; space electronics, Space communication systems; orbital mechanics ,computer sciences and new material development.

Space Application : Remote sensing of the earth’s resources: space communication; satellite geodesy image processing, satellite meteorology including weather forecasting, Space Education and Ecology.

Some illustrative examples of specific problems in the above-mentioned areas can be made available by ISRO from time to time by by sharing the titles of the old projects. Proposers need not feel to be restricted in the selection of subjects, research areas etc for the proposals, but they need to demonstrate the intrinsic scientific merit. However, ISRO reserves the right to not to fund any proposal (s), if in its opinion, similar proposals are already funded or similar work is already done in ISRO.