hi dear ones,

Be very very Aware !!!!!! NASA is funding for new and advanced technolgy.

Though its looking harmless, think deeply because its troubling !!!


Under the fiscal year 2011 budget proposal, NASA’s budget would increase from $18.7 billion to $19 billion. That number would increase slightly each year over the next five years, totaling more than $100 billion. But the budget ends the Constellation program, which aimed to return humans to the moon by 2020. The budget proposal also includes $7.8 billion over five years to develop new “critical technologies” needed for future exploration plans. NASA cited several examples of such technologies, including in-orbit propellant transfer, which could allow spacecraft to refuel in space; automated rendezvous and docking systems for spacecraft; closed-loop life support systems that could permit long-duration human missions without requiring large amounts of water, air, and other supplies; and inflatable modules that could enhance use of the ISS. Such technologies could not only support future NASA exploration missions but also private spaceflight efforts under development by companies such as Bigelow Aerospace, Orbital Sciences, and SpaceX.