Hi dear ones,                                           

In this age of INTERNET, most of the topics you need are available in abundanse for free and in a very systematic way and arranged categorically.               

What I am trying to say is its up to you to chose what is of your interest and how you want to put it in front of others.

So it still takes your brain and your wisdom to sort things out and edit and compile what is needed to you and put it all together for sake of others to understand what you want to tell them.

Its like studying from a text book, in which every topic is ellaborated;

But its all your view and perspective to chose what you think is necessary to study and focus on particular topics only and not mugging all the book  itself.         

What I am trying to say here is ; The topics you see in this blog are my interests and my thoughts and my views(of course editing found/searched  work and chosing and selecting according to my views nad needs). 


These are the issues I want to emphasize and want to share with others.

Selection is mine ( “and it remains mine only” ) to share the knowledge; Contradictions and Suggestions remain with you.

So, Let’s Express ourselves as best as we can !!!!!!!!!