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World industries drive the global economy, collectively transacting almost USD $70 trillion. An industry is a collection of companies that all perform similar functions. Industry can be used to refer to all company groups, or specifically to industry as being a set of productive entities that utilize productive forces to convert a simple input to a processed final product. The size of various industies vary by country, level of development, and demand in each region. This section of EconomyWatch.com introduces all the major industries and classification systems, together with key industry data.

Industries can be categorized in the following ways:

Offering Based Industry Classification

Does the industry provide products, services, or a mix of both products and services?

Production Based Industry Classification

Does the industry rely more on natural resources, human capital or financial capital? Industries can also be described as resource-intensive, labour-intensive or capital-intensive?

Classifying Industries by Sector

Is the industry in the primary, secondary or tertiary sector?

  • Primary Industry :- The agricultural, farming and fisheries businesses come under this head.
  • Secondary Industry :- The industries that utilize machines, factories or human labor to convert raw materials into a processed final product. The manufacturing industries, or heavy industry, are typical examples of Secondary Industry types.
  • Tertiary Industry :- Services-based industries are known as tertiary industries. Retail, food & beverage and professional services are examples of Tertiary Industry.

Classifying Industries by Size

Is the industry a small-scale or cottage indutry, a Small & Medium Business (SMB or SME) industry, or a global industry dominated by Multi-National Corporations (MNCs)?

Target Market Classification

Is the industry export-oriented and international, or domestic market focused?

Concentration Classification

Is the market fragmented, with many small ‘mom and pop’ businesses, or is it consolidated, with rounds of mergers and acquisitions leading to a few dominant players?