Hi dear ones !!

we see people, mostly yuth carrying multifunctional gadgets. and high end products.  they use cell phones for listening music, taking pix, recording clips, calling, texting virtually everything.

But with these all they need digi cams, ipod, mp4 players laptop again with cam and modem installed.

So this is repeating same thing again and again.but we dont mind spending money on these  nuisances;

why nuisances? because then for everything we need these gadgets.

even we spend less time with our family and relatives and afterwords friends too ! we dont like anybody touching these ‘personal’ gadgets. we become possessive. we like to and try to become more independant from any human contact by depending on gadgets.

we think we are  happy in this VIRTUAL WORLD of ours.

There is other thing:

 Any product is replaced by its superior version. but when old product is replaced by new one it is ” replaced by its usability only ” not by product for product. which means when you buy new product company do not offer to buy old product even they do not offer any solution to you to what to do with the old product and how to dispose it.

 Because of this after some time there is no ” company support ” available for that product and hence its considered as the waste.

 so in case of electronic gadgets the ” E-WASTE ” is increasing.

so let’s think about it and come with solutions on peronal level. Because i do not think anybody  will love to live in waste.

so, “use what is necessary” = ” use when and what you must”