Hey friends !!

I watched the movie  ‘AVATAR’.

For me it was gr8 disappointment. The new technology used was best of its kind. picturisation and graphics were excellently superlatively superb.

But the story was poor , and there was nothing new about it.

secondly , will we be needing the minerals so desperately in the future that we will invade the other comets/planets.

will the gravitational force on that particular comet/planet affect our body in same way as it affects the resident of that place; so in a way it should also make us dull and leazy , even if we use some masks for breathing. 

will we be so naive and uncivilized in the future to invade the other comets/planets even after experiencing the drastically damging effects of the global warming.

these and many questions i asked to myself after watching this movie. and wasn’t able to come to a conclusion that what this film is about and what its trying to tell us.

 was it about te basic human nature (food and shelter) OR Human’s power over the use of technology OR was it Human arrogance toward other less intelligent species.

 I do not know if my thoughts are even right about the movie or i have just failed to understand the concept.

 I am confused  about this movie my friends.

 Bye for Now !