GurukulHI All,

 We always see or hear and also sometimes also argue that what it means being a HINDU !!

 Here is what I think :-

HINDU is not a religion basically !! Yes ! its not a religion,  HINDU is defined as areligion by the Europeans who once thought of themselves above all !

Then what is or who is HINDU ?  

Hindu is derived from the word SINDHU which is considered as a very holy river from the times of ARYA (which means “literate people”) and its about more than 5000 year old .  

Now, follwer of Veds 1. Rig-Ved, 2. Sam-Ved, 3. Atharva-Ved & 4. Sam-Ved are known as HINDU . Follwer means who follow the rituals , praise the gods, and live according to the philosophy mentioned in The Ved.

This is a what I thought of Hindu.

 I will write more on this topic in near future .