Future Challenges in Embedded Systems



             Embedded Systems will play a key role to drive the technological evolution in the next 20 years. Their evolution will further accelerate  with the diffusion of the novel technologies that will deeply change our scenario, among which we can mention nanotechnologies, bioelectronics, and photonics. The central role of embedded systems in the economy will grow stronger and stronger:

           The starting point is the convergence between storage, security, video, audio, mobility and connectivity. Systems are converging and ICs are more and more converging with systems: this poses a number of challenges for designers and technologists. A key issue is the definition of the right methodologies to translate system knowledge and competences into complex embedded systems, taking into account many system requirements and constraints.

            The key factor to win this challenge is to build the right culture. This means to be able to build the right environment to exploit existing design, architectural and technological solutions, and to favor the transfer of knowledge from one application field into another.